See You Tonight!

We’ve been busy this week, welcoming artists and finishing last minute projects, in preparation for tonight’s party!  

Julie, our first vendor to move in, is also an artist, of another kind, with a eye trained for interior design and beautiful display. If I was asked to describe her look, I’d call it rustic elegance.  


Jean, is a local artist, making a return to The Treasured Home, to show her latest work.  

Her pieces are placed throughout the shop.  This beautiful ocean scene is one of my favorites!

Ann, is another local artist, who is known for her painted trays.  These are truly stunning!

Don’t shoot me, but I somehow missed photos of Stacey’s one-of-a-kind creations, made from vintage jewelry. No matter what your wearing, these pieces will steal the show!  (I already have mine picked out!)

Don’t bother with dinner before coming.  Mr. Wonderful is rising before the sun, to begin smoking tri-tip and turkey breast, for sandwiches, that will pair beautifully with wines made by local vintners, Wreckless Blenders.  

Tomorrow night, kicks off a Furniture SALE! Be the first to preview the sale and help me reduce inventory!

It’s a true honor to have these artists, share the evening with us!  Stop by, from 6 until 8 p.m. and say hello!


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  1. empressoftheeyeJane says

    Oh, I hope everyone sells lots of stuff and laughs abound!

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