Open Kitchen Cabinets – A Huge Money Saver and a Great Look

Updating a kitchen can cost a “boat load” of money, if you’re not careful. I’ve heard stories of the $100,000 kitchen and beyond. In many cases, homeowners update their homes far more than they’ll ever recoup when they go to sell, which is unfortunate. Then, there are those that never plan to sell and can afford all the “bells and whistles” and I say go for it!

If I were moving into a first home, or wanted to update the one I had, without breaking the bank, I’d remove the cabinet doors, fill the screw holes and paint the shelves. There are so many possibilities, when you consider this option and in an especially small kitchen, open cabinets will make the space feel larger.

Black or dark grey cabinet shelves against white walls or tile will look wonderful. I like how they used baskets in the kitchen above, to hide the clutter.

This kitchen, painted in what I think of as “Martha Stewart green” is so sweet! And look at the wonderful light fixture to counterbalance all the look of “mom and apple pie”!


Natural wood can always be used for a more organic look. I love the big black and white photo in the kitchen above. The flooring looks rather dated, but a crisp black and white striped runner brings it all up to date. All of these choices allow for the homeowner to sink most of their money into some heavy-weight appliances. Not a bad trade off!

Then, there’s white, which is always a pleaser. You really can’t go wrong with this choice.





So what do you think? Ready for a change?

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  1. I really like the open shelving idea…we had stainless steel shelving years ago in our apartment in Paris. I like to have a few cabinets to hide all the plastic sports cups…those baskets are a good idea.

  2. Hi Barbara…funny never really thought that it would be a big money saver but duh!! Of course it would you are eliminating those costly doors!! I love the examples you showed, and its a pretty look, as long as you can keep them orderly….I thin thats the key. Just beautiful though!! Thanks for stopping by, always great hearing from you!

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