Furniture Sale!

First of all… (Academy Awards acceptance speech) thanks to all of you who attended last night’s Meet the Artist event and to all of you who helped make it possible!  

I told Bob that it felt like We had friends in our home.  Everyone seemed to have a great time, even with the line at the new and improved sales counter! We’ll need to re-think that process at our next event!

Bob, aka Mr. Wonderful, did a great job, smoking the tri tip!

Dave, one of the “wine guys” at Wreckless Blenders, showed off his award winning wines!

The A Team was at the helm, taking care of business.  I love these people!

Our artists, were the best ever! Ann Marie, in the apron, Stacey, the jewelry designer and Jean (sorry…from the back…another good side!)  were all on hand to answer questions.  I’m so proud to be associated with these creative women!

Am I pooped?  Yes, I am!  So is Jill, Bob and everyone involved!  Sales were wonderful and I’m taking my winnings to Las Vegas, Saturday afternoon, to the Home and Gift show! As always, I roll the dice, trying to guess what you’ll love, when you shop, this holiday season. Want me to look for anything in particular?

Yes, I said the words, “holiday season”!  Yikes!

Now, I’m thinking about a  Shop n Sip party, once the holidays actually get closer.  Are you in?   

September’s classes need to get on the calendar soon.  Stay tuned!

Oh, and did I mention a furniture sale?  Until further notice, all furniture (excluding display pieces are on sale.  And, you know our prices are already low!  I need to make room for vendors moving in and you need some pretty pieces for your home…right?  Win, win situation!

I’m not sure if I told anyone, but when I return, From Las Vegas, I’m going to take the week off to re-group.  If you saw my house, you’d understand!

Thanks to Mr. Wonderful, I’m parking in the garage for the first time in almost a year!  I thank him and my car thanks him!

All the best!


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  1. Evelyn Bartley says

    Glad it was such a success! My husband and I love your shop and team. With their help we painted our ‘old’ dining table with chalk paint and it looks beautiful! My name is Evelyn Bartley, former Western Sunrise Mtg & WF employee. I tell you this as I would like you to tell Bob I said HI! Thank YOU and continued success!

    • Barbara Bussey says

      Hello! I’m glad you’re having success with the paint and passed your note on to Bob! All the best, Barbara

  2. I was so sad to miss this even, next time for sure! (love the new counter!) when is your next Chalk class?

  3. Valerie McKnight says

    Your shop looks wonderful! Thanks for all you do!

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