Where’s Barbara?

Did you ever read “Where’s Waldo” books with your children? My kids loved them.

I sort of feel like I’m living the book right now, as I spread myself very thin, hopping from one project to another! Not that you’re chewing your fingernails down to the quick, wondering where my blog posts are, but in case you noticed, I haven’t been writing them! And I probably won’t be writing too many at least until I get to the Southern Bloggers Conference next Friday.

I am putting ribbons on 100 of these Blog Sister bookmarks for the conference next week. Cute, huh?

Remember the drapery panels I made for the shop? Well I found these really neat iron on nailhead trim pieces. I’m not sure how long they’ll actually stayed glued onto the velvet, but if you’re looking for anything like this you can get them from M & J Trimming Co..

I was going through some of my boxes of goodies for the shop, and I found that the Virgin Mary has gone hands-free! Fortunately, I think I can glue the hand back on, but she’ll have to find a special spot here at the house, going forward. She’s one of my best buds, so it shouldn’t be hard to do.

This is a shot of the laminate wood flooring going down yesterday. I’m hoping that they’ll be finishing it up today. So far, so good!

I made this cute bolster pillow, out of a vintage map of California. I’ll also show you a few other shots of treasures found…

Lora at Veranda, sold me this lovely little display box with glass shelves, that I’ll be putting some small treasures in soon. I love the color!

I found this wonderful galvanized tub, to put my painted pinecones in, in case any “city girls” want to buy theirs from me!

I did manage to go online and do a little shoe shopping. Wonder Dog tells me these have to go back to the store. He says they are the ugliest shoes he has ever seen! I think he may be onto something! I was looking for a comfortable walking shoe for New York City. But I think I’m going to keep on looking.

20121002-093613.jpg They kind of make my feet look like oceangoing barges.

I’ll be moving all of my boxes and furniture pieces over to the new shop this weekend. Going through everything will be almost like Christmas! I want to get as much done as possible, so that when I return from New York, I’ll have most of the heavy lifting over with. Stay tuned … I will return.


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  1. You’re a busy woman, Barbara. How exciting to go to the blogger’s conference – can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. Your dog is too cute! Why is it that the most comfortable shoes are always the ugliest? I have discovered Sperrys are super comfy. My you sure have been busy! The conference sounds like fun. xo

  3. Buy a fe pairs of TOM’S shoes….I heard people rave about them and then I bought a pair and spent the entire month of August in them. Amazing and the new styles are fabulous. Have fun in NYC…it will pump you up! Shop is shaping up. xxx

    • Thanks, Jane! The only problem is that my old feet need arch support and those don’t appear to have any. Next thing you know, I’ll be talking about support stockings and glue for my dentures!

  4. Barbara…those bookmarks are the cutest!!!….I cannot wait to place them in the SWAG bags for the conference and cannot wait to see you again!…Love those iron on railhead trim! I have good luck with Aerosoles for my walking adventures…

  5. Wow! It’s hard keeping up with you! I’ve found Naturalizer, natural sole, very comfortable, and they are slimming…so you don’t look like you are wearing clod hoppers! Have fun at the conference! 😉

  6. Barbara, of course I wish I could be there with you all!
    Iron on Nail-heads; those sound and look great!!

    My parents have a similar Virgin Mary and it is really the only thing I have asked to have one day..

    I am having an amazing Giveaway of Plush Velvet Pumpkins from Love Feast!
    Art by Karena

  7. Love your book marks…and you Madonna….yes you need her in your home…to special too part with…your little show case I have one…all my salts…I collected salts bowls..and my sis Fan’s as kid’s….I have my cut glass with them and then my turq..jewelry….yurs will be so pretty….the shoes…LOL I know what you mean, me size 10 and I need a arch too…Merrills are my casual of choice…and I still where platform looks at times…a girl has to be a girl..

  8. Wow you certainly are busy! Have a wonderful time at the conference too…Ann

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