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Hello good people!,

Well, we wished for sunshine and warm weather and lookey here! We got it!  Still, I’ll still take hot and sunny, over grey and drippy!

What are your Mother’s Day plans?  Do your kids roll out the red carpet for you? Rub your shoulders, refill your glass?  Bring you appetizers, prepare dinner and wash the dishes?

No?  Nothing happening here, either.  To be fair, they live thousands of miles away.  I’ll report next week on who sent a card and who didn’t!

Now, where was I?

Upcoming Classes…

We have a very busy class calendar this week and for some reason, there’s room in all of them.  Why don’t you join us?

(Visual of me on blended knee.)

I’ll just wait a moment while you grab your calendar.  Might as well get your credit card too!  Take your time. I’ll be here, when you get back!

Naturalist, Monica Biery, returns this month, to talk about essential oil blends, TODAY, WEDNESDAY AT 11 a.m.  Drop-ins are welcome!  The seminar will cover chemical-free household cleaners for your home.  There is a $10 fee, which can be applied to any essential oil purchase and Monica will have a small gift for everyone.  I promise you’ll be inspired!

Monica will also return, this Saturday, the 13th, for those who can’t make it Wednesday.

Thursday’s Girl’s Night, starts at 6 p.m. And we’ll be creating these fun yard art flowers, made of metal and wood.  You’ll decide on colors and as always, wine, women and song will be included at no extra charge!

Then, Saturday afternoon, 1-4 p.m., is our ever-popular Paint Your Own Piece Class!  

We’ve had lots of mothers and daughters take this class over the years and it’s been wonderful to see how they enjoyed their projects and one another’s company!

Check out our complete class schedule at:

If you are still searching for the perfect gift, for Mom, we can help! We’ll even attempt to gift bag your purchase! Here are some of our newest arrivals….

Every mom deserves a crown, you know!

Well, at least most moms!

Well, that was a lot of information to share!  If you’re still with me at this point, you deserve a Gold Star! One can never have too many gold stars, you know!

You’re a doll. Bless you!


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