Union Station, a D.C. Architectural Landmark

I hope you enjoy architectural history as much as I do, because today we’re taking a quick peek at Union Station, in Washington D.C. This morning, we took the train from D.C. To NYC, which by the way, is a great travel option.

I had never been to Union Station, and was in awe of the place! This is a true national treasure, that is owned/managed by Amtrak. I figure that Amtrak could get on budget if they sold this amazing piece of property.




The station was built in 1908 and was refurbished in the eighties. Isn’t it stunning?


20111028-214913.jpg How about enjoying a little refreshment, in the cafe upstairs? Can you just imagine this place fifty or a hundred years ago? If these walls could talk!

20111028-215108.jpg These marble floors go on forever. I love them!

Downstairs, are restaurants, shops and gates to the different trains. All aboard!

Happy trails!


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  1. Eileen Hayes says

    What fun you are having? I wish I was with you and Mr Wonderful.

  2. Debbie Kick says

    Great photos. I hope you enjoy snow, I hear there is a lot in NYC. Thanks for sharing your trip, and enjoy your visit with Betsy! Can’t wait to hear about your lunch in the Capitol.

  3. Fabulous architecture! Hope you are having a great weekend!…hugs…Debbie

    • Hi Debbie and thanks for saying “hi”! I love the old landmarks. I don’t think our generation of architects is leaving anything nearly as interesting, for future generations to enjoy. I hope I’m wrong!

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