Time for a Make-over?

Happy Friday! Already the first of July and our first “heat wave” of summer is upon us!

When I’m not blogging, or out finding a new (old) lamp (like the one I found today and will share with you soon), my favorite thing to do is help people decorate their homes. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the true pleasure of working with several young women who are moving into new homes. The pride and excitement is contagious! I remember those days, when life was full of so many “firsts”!

We usually start by scheduling a 2-hour consultation. During those two hours, we talk about everything under the sun, in relation to their new homes. In retrospect, the homes, budgets and the people living there, are unique, of course, but their heads are all swimming with ideas and questions on every subject from paint colors and floor finishes, to window coverings, light fixtures and furniture arrangement…just to name a few. Whatever’s important to you is what we focus on.

Are you ready for a new look?

(I’ve been saving this crazy photo for a while now! Isn’t it hysterical?)

Or just want to make the most of what you already own? I’ll shop for accessories, help you get your home ready for a party, help you source antiques, or schedule a day-long shopping spree with you at the Design Center in San Francisco, passing my trade discounts on to you. Either way, I’d love to help! Working 2-hour consultations cost $150.00 and larger blocks of time, mean that the hourly price is lower.

What ever you do, enjoy your home and the treasured people there!


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