The Many Gifts of Friendship

Hello there,
I’m sitting here, at the shop, ready to call it a day soon. Thank my lucky stars, I love it here. While I may be jumping the gun, Patti, Joaquin and PR Director/Friend, Jini, helped me decorate the shop for Christmas, Tuesday night. Mr. Wonderful picked up pizza and we all had a great time.

I really attribute the fact that I landed here, in my own shop, to people like Lora Redman, who taught me the ropes, at Veranda Antiques, as well as all the support and inspiration I’ve found amongst my Blog Sisters! You are all pretty amazing.

Then, beyond Mr. Wonderfuld, God dropped a handful of super supportive friends in my lap, who wanted to be involved. I’d make sure Karen Ewing was here every darn day, if she didn’t live so far away! Jini Bauer has been my P.R. Director. It’s an unpaid position, but she is one of the best advocates I could ask for!

Patti Malhoski is a neighbor who shares my love for shopping, furniture painting and restoration and all things “home”. She was in charge of decorating “Christmas Tree 2012”.


Joaquin Razo is my friend who does so many wonderful things in our community and is always there, ready to help!

Debbie (co-chair) Kick, is another friend I got to know in the volunteer arena. She’s always up for trouble and one of the most thoughtful people on the planet. She wasn’t here Tuesday night, but she was in spirit. She made this email sign up book for me!


Then there’s you. Many of my local friends have visited the shop and given me such wonderful support! Thank you all, near and far, from the bottom of my heart!



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  1. That is a gorgeous tree Barbara! And you are fortunate to have so many friends. Which means YOU have had to be a great friend to begin with! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Debbie kick says

    Oh that tree looks gorgeous!! Makes me want to come in and shop!! Can you send your helpful elves over to my tree?

  3. Carol Schreiber says

    Looking good!

  4. Away from the blogs for a Florida to help a friend in need….How fortunate are you that you have so many wonderful friends to support you…but then again, it is also because you are a great friend to them…and you are reaping the rewards of your friendship and generosity to others! The shop looks amazing Barbara!!!

  5. Barbara wonderful! So glad you have friends to help. I wish I could be there!

    Giveaway from Scalamandre!

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