The Harmonious Home

There’s more to a beautiful home than pretty things. Most of us know this simple fact, but many tend to overlook or ignore the need for harmony in our lives and the place we call home.

First and foremost should be comfort. For me, that means clean, clutter-free order; colors that are in harmony; furnishings that allow for good traffic flow; and furniture that works well together, in scale, color and style.

Yet, good design is lost if there isn’t a sense of order or peace. Order of “stuff” and peace within each person and the sum total of the home’s inhabitants is the first step to creating a beautiful setting. With the stress of busy lives, and all that entails, peace and harmony can be hard to attain but it’s truly worth the effort.

There are all sorts of web sites loaded with organizational tips. The inner peace can take a little longer to find.


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