The Gift of Lake Tahoe (Thanks Mom & Dad)

Forty-two years ago, my Mom and Dad found their second home at Lake Tahoe. Back in 1970, you could buy a lake view home, for “peanuts”, by today’s standards.

While my two older sisters were off to college, my younger sister, brother and I, would spend every other week up here, with our parents joining us for the weekends.

Back then, it was a little 950 square foot home with a big stone fireplace and a beamed ceiling.

Our kids grew up here. There’ve been good times and bad, but I focus on the good.


It’s all a part of our parents’ legacy. Family was everything to them. After Mom passed away, Dad took on the project of replacing our old, indestructible cabin, with a home nearly three times bigger. While it was a wonderful diversion for him and another gift for him to share, the wonderful laughter and tears shared throughout the years were replaced with things that need to be cared for.

Instead of an open door, it’s turned into sort of a “time share”, where we never see each other.

Now that Dad has passed on, a year ago Wednesday, we’re still trying to figure out our roles in each others lives, and if it’s even possible to share this gift.

It all proves so clearly to me, that it’s not the home itself that matters, but the spirit of love and friendship that’s shared inside.

I’ll try to keep these thoughts in mind, as I seek perfection in my home.

Thanks for being here, to listen as I ramble and reminisce.


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  1. I like how you say you focus on remembering the good times. Tahoe is such a gorgeous areas.

  2. Barbara, your words ring true. We had an apartment in NY for several years. It’s the love and companionship within that makes a home. As families grow with each generation, it makes it difficult to coordinate those intimate family gatherings that were once simple times shared. I wish you well.

  3. Take care, it is had when you loose a parent. I still have my mom (a cancer survivor) but lost my Dad 6 years ago. I have heard from friends who have lost both parents that all of a sudden you feel like an orphan. I can’t image my life without my mom, she is by best friend. Wishing you peace this week.

  4. Lucky you to have such a beautiful spot to unwind and it’s so close from where you live! I have many great memories of Tahoe from when I lived in Folsom and in the Bay Area – both in winter and summer! It is hard when the parents pass away – all of the dynamics change so I’m hoping you can find a good balance for everyone!

    • Yes, it seems like the dynamics never stop changing in our family. But at least we are still connected and respectful of one another. I’ve heard it said so often, how surprising it is that (five) siblings can all be so different than one another! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Barbara, Our little family of 3 created many wonderful memories in Lake Tahoe just a couple of years ago (one of all time favorite family experiences!) so I understand you love of the place. My friend is going through a similar bout of family strife over a small lake house here in GA and it is sad to see. You are right to hang on to the love and happiness your parents created there and shrug off the rest. Life is just too short.

  6. Barb…thanks for sharing your story…you certainly must have so many wonderful memories of the lake house….There is 5 of us too and we are all different, yet share a common goal of family…..You have the right attitude Barbara!!!…

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