The Blog Sisters Events Calendar Is Now Live!


How’s everything in your neighborhood? Simply wonderful, I hope!

Good news! The Blog Sisters Events Calendar has now gone “live”! The events calendar, is up, just a few days before the Southern Bloggers Conference! Have you seen all the sponsors and speakers scheduled? It’s going to be a blast! I’ve also posted the (drum roll please!) opening date of The Treasured Home Work-Shop!

I am sure that there are hundreds, if not thousands of classes, antique, vintage and crafter shows going on every week, and the plan is that we’ll do our best to list events by region or by country. But nothing will matter, if you don’t use it!

(you may wonder what this pinwheel Christmas tree has to do with any of this and the answer is nothing!)

I need your help to spread the word about The Blog Sisters. If you haven’t joined, please do! If you know a friend who might be interested, pass it on! And finally, if you know about a great upcoming event in your area, please share the news! New calendar posts will go out on my Facebook page…you are following me on Facebook, aren’t you?…so you’ll hear all about it!

So, no matter where you are, (Get the map reference? Actually, its a piece of fabric, that I’d love to use on pillows!) spread the news! That’s what good friends do, right? Even good bloggy friends!

My work-shop has made amazing strides in the last few days! I’m so excited and just love being there! I’ll share pictures soon!


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  1. I love that fabric. It is so pretty! How do I follow on FB?

  2. It sounds like fun, I wish I could have gone and be there for this event.


  3. Barbara, I’m eager to hear about the conference, keep us posted. And congrats on your opening date being set. I’ll definitely be visiting. I’m so happy for you. Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  4. Debbie Kick says

    Pinwheel tree is great! Did you make that?

  5. So glad to hear that you are making great strides in your workshop…Love the bookmarks!…As far as the calendar is concerned…does it just include events that bloggers attend or would you post an event say, a great antique fair?

  6. So you have been sitting reading a book, getting a pedi and long lunches with friends and walks in the fall leaves right…O nope you need a pedi and a massage,and a solid nights sleep, not waking up at 3 AM thinking of what you need to still do,and fast food is not as fun as it looks on commercials..now LOL. You are awsome…and I will be part of a event in November…so let me checkk out the Calendar…and again thank you for all your efforts!

  7. Congrats on the opening of the work shop!

  8. Was hoping to go to the conference this year, but not possible. Will have to take a peek at all my blogging neighbors’ pics.
    Just submitted my info to join The Blog Sisters, and took your button with me. Sounds like a wonderful group.
    Much love,

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