Thankful Sale, Friday & Saturday!

                       Giving Thanks Today and Always!

My list is long.  The things I’m thankful for.  Thankful that I’ve learned so much over all the many years.  The mistakes and stumbles have been my best teachers.

Today, I’m thankful for the people who who help me share The Treasured Home with you.  Jill, Tregae, Pat and Michelle.  We pull Diane away from her grandkids, too, when we can! And of course, Mr. Wonderful, who supports me at every turn!

Of course, if there was no YOU, there’d be no US!  So thank you, from the bottom my heart!

You’ve supported our growing boutique business and as a thank you, all clothing, accessories and jewelry, including Uno de 50, will ale 25% Off, through Saturday!

      We’ll be hosting an Uno de 50 Trunk Show, Friday and Saturday.  Oodles and oodles of Uno!  25% Off!  The best sale of the year! Come take a look!

So, for now, sit back and enjoy the Macy’s parade!  Avoid crazy Uncle George.  He loves to stir things up.  Just smile and walk on.  It’ll be ok. And it will drive Uncle George crazy, that he can’t reel you in!



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