It Takes a Village! I Need Your Help.

Hello friend!

Can we talk?  I’m working from home today. Updating the blog, planning a new class, ordering product.  The usual.  I need to step away from the shop, from time to time, just to focus on the task at hand.  Know what I mean?

I know the shop is in good hands. Tregae and dear Jill have everything under control.  You will be well cared for.

If we’ve gotten to know one another at all, you know how much the shop means to me. You know how I want it to be a wonderful experience for you.

Here’s where I need your help.

Like most business owners, I check online from time to time, to see what folks are saying about the shop.  I hadn’t been to Yelp in a while and was upset to see just a 3.5 rating out of 5.

While most of the reviews were positive, there were enough bad reviews, to bring my ranking down significantly.

One of the negative reviews seemed legitimate and I will contact that customer to hopefully make amends, yet the others were in my opinion, questionable.

With that said, could you do a huge favor and go to….search Antique Stores, in Fair Oaks, CA, and write an honest review?  If you’ve had anything short of a positive experience, please call me at the shop and tell me how I can make it right.  916/514-5272.

If you’re still with me here and have the time, would you rate the shop on Facebook, as well?  Our ratings there are doing well, but the more the merrier!

Just go to and then go to “Reviews”.

Thanks for indulging me today. I’ll try to have more interesting news to share with you next time! Before I let you go, let me remind you once again… 

I can’t wait to give the shop a quick update, a spring cleaning and fill it with new treasures, for you, on April 8th!


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