Storewide Spring Sale, 20% Off of Everything!

Everything’s On Sale!

Yes! Everything is 20% OFF, storewide!

Starting now!  (Yes, the graphic says the sale’s this Saturday, but I decided to jump the gun and get the show on!)

Everything?  Yes! Amy Howard One Step, General Finishes, Uno de 50 hand made jewelry, furniture, and all home decor! Everything, but Micah the shop dog!

Starting, now, through Saturday, at 4:30!  

So, here’s how it works. This Henredon table and seven chairs, was priced at $995.  Minus 20%, the sale price is $795!!

 This English pine peace, a linen press, was priced at $1750. From now, until Saturday, the sale price will be  $1400!

You’ve met Mabel, the cow. Well, she’s normally $120 and now, she’s $84!

Before I forget, Jill’s on vacation and we aren’t going to be open as late as normal, this week.  Just this week, we’ll be open 10:30-4:30.

I’ll be the chief cook and bottle washer this week and I hope to see you soon! Thanks


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