The Spring Soirée is Saturday, April 8th!

What are you doing this Saturday?

Spending at least part of it with us, I hope!

I’ve had so much fun, fluffing our nest!  I hope you’ll be able to stop by and celebrate with us!

After 4 years, it was time. Time to paint (walls, that is), add some much needed new lighting, (thank you Mr. Wonderful!!), and do things that had been on our “to-do” list for a long time.

We hit the re-start button and it feels good.

This is one of four drop leaf tables in the shop, right now.  I think we are the drop leaf capitol of Sacramento!  Oh, and then there are a couple of other antique dining tables…most of which extend to 8+ feet, with leaves added.  The table above, is still in the back room, because the shop is full.

Full of more furniture than we’ve ever had before! So full, that our “back room” will be open, so you can check out all of the overflow.

This is another piece in the back room. It’s a real quality piece, originally from Breuner’s, purchased by a local family, in the 60’s. According to Rosemary, their daughter, mom kept her furs on one side  (cedar lined) and dad kept his tuxedo, on the other side!

Anyone think we need a carpet cleaner?

This beautifully restored buffet, also belonged to Rosemary’s parents.

There’s lots more in the back room, so be sure to take a peek!

When it comes to antiques, I go ga-ga over beautiful legs, so this table had me at hello!

Same goes for this gate leg table! True love!

Trust me, when I say we have all kinds of furniture, at least 20% off! You know our prices are already low, so we’re talking value!

Besides fab furniture, we’ll have:

– Free interactive furniture painting demonstrations, at 11 and 2.

– Raffle prizes every hour

– Complimentary design consultations…bring pictures!

If you want to get design input, be sure to get on the list, when you arrive.  Look for Tregae, in the incredible Easter bonnet, she designed.

-Refreshments, of course!

– Say hi to Diane! She’ll be setting up the low-budget Easter photo booth.  Bring your selfie stick!

In other news, due to popular demand, Mabel the cow has made a come-back!

We also have two new jewelry lines, for you to check out!

Of course there’s more, but I’lllet you discover it on your own!

Thanks for visiting!  We’ll look for you on Saturday!


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  1. Lisa Vassios says:

    I sure wish I lived closer! Your shop looks great Barbara!

    • Barbara Bussey says:

      Thanks, Lisa! So sweet of you! I know you have some “killer” shopping spots there in Texas!
      Hugs, Barbara

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