Sacramento Flea Market


Well, Sunday morning, bright and early, a neighbor and I made the trek to the monthly flea market, under the freeway, downtown. I squinted just a little, to try and invasion myself in Paris, on an old cobblestone street, shopping the wares, at one of their neighborhood markets. Somehow, I just couldn’t pull it off, although I did have a wonderful time! There’s a real mix of inventory, from the new to the old and everything from fishing rods to musical instruments and old typewriters.

I made two great purchases. First, I bought two “frogs”. Not the kind you find in the yard, but the wonderful little gizmos you us to stick your flowers into, so your flower arrangements look like they were created almost like the pro’s. If you are into flower arranging, these are a must! The floral foam I’ve been using does the trick as well, but one does not always have floral foam on hand, so now I’m set!


Now, this purchase set me back $8 for the two frogs. They were originally priced twice that and she readily brought the price down for me. What a deal!

Now, behind “Door #2”, is a piece of old Chinese sculpture, hundreds of years old. Now, I have no proof of authenticity, but I believed every word he said about his dad working in China when he was a kid and how the dad collected lots of these old artifacts. On the other hand, maybe he picked it up at Pier 1! Either way, it’s just lovely!


If you haven’t made the trip to the flea market, on the second Sunday of each month, go early, for the best parking and smaller crowds.

What’s your favorite flea market find?

Happy hunting!


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  1. You call it a flea market.
    The promoters call it an Antique Faire.

  2. Leticia Rico says

    Barbara you’re such a nut! You really had me going on that story about the Chinese statuary! Gave me a good chuckle!! I’m headed out to Loomis tomorrow morning to peddle Topiaries. Pray for me in that heat! Leticia

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