Prize Winning Milk Paint Class (and a tip on mixing milk paint without lumps!)

What a difference the little details make! If you’ve used milk paint before, following packaged instructions, you’ve ended up with lumpy milk paint.

Sure, the lumps can be stirred or mixed out, but one tiny little detail will save you lots of trouble!

It’s all about water temp. Warm/hot water = lumpy paint. Cool water = smooth paint! It’s sort of like making gravy, I hear. Flour and hot water create lumpy gravy. Cold water and flour create smooth gravy!

Lynn, at today’s class, painted her piece Kitchen Sink and used dark antiquing wax, to seal it!

Debra claims she has a future, milking goats, with her freshly painted stool in Luckett’s Green, sealed with hemp oil! Lynn found her sewing cabinet up at Lake Tahoe, where she and her hubs would like to retire! She’ll be darning socks by the fire!

We all had a great time! By the way, I hope to bring an advanced furniture painting instructor into The Treasured Home, by the end if summer, for those of us who want to take our craft to the next level! Stay tuned!

By the way, Sharon, another milk paint artist, just sent me a picture of her hutch, updated with a layered driftwood look, using Typewriter and Grain Sack! Way to go, Sharon!



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  1. Donnamae says:

    Your students did great! Did not know that thing about gravy…and I thought I was reading a decorating blog!! I was on the Isle of Man….sounds exotic doesn’t it. It’s not…but it was wonderful! Enjoy your day! 😉

  2. Barbara thanks for the tip about milk paint and gravy!!
    It looks like you are doing a great job as an artful painting instructor~

    Art by Karena
    Giveaway from Splendid Sass!

  3. Everyone always seem to have so much fun at your classes…great paint projects and thanks for the tip!!…Have a great weekend Barbara!

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