Paint Party Today, Saturday, 11-3 P.M.

Greetings, friend!

Let me introduce you to new members of the already huge Fusion Mineral Paint family!

Five new gorgeous colors!  Seriously beautiful!  What does this make now? Maybe 53 naturally pigmented, indoor/outdoor, zero VOC, self-leveling colors?  Yes, I think that’s about right! Huge color line-up!

So, to celebrate, we’re showing off these new lovelies, today, Saturday, June 15, 11:00-3:00!

We’ll be serving iced tea and my almost-famous chocolate chip cookies! (Yes, I wish I could offer mimosas and such, but my insurance broker says that’s a no-no! 😩 She also subscribes to my blog!)  You can paint your very own color sticks.  See the coverage, how the paint is odorless and just glides on!

Best of all, all of our Fusion Mineral Paint products will be 10% Off!

Plus, we’ll be on-hand to answer your project questions, as wells we can.  Pictures are helpful.

While here, at the end of the earth, California was the last to receive the new Fusion color treasures from Canada.  On top of that, UPS had a four-hundred ton gorilla loading boxes and our new colors are a tad leaky, which is unusual, thankfully.  (Leakers are 25% Off and we’ll be placing a new order, like pronto!)

So, don’t sit around the pool all day, folding laundry!  (Where does all the laundry come from, anyhow?) Get out and live a little! Five new gorgeous colors don’t just drop out of the sky every day, ya know!

While you’re checking out all the paint goodies, don’t forget to see all of the new Cut Loose clothing that arrived on Friday, as well!  Linen pieces that are interchangeable!  Quality, color, easy-care!  

Before I close, let me send some extra love to the Mr. Wonderful’s of the world! Fathers Day is Sunday.  Don’t forget to call or stop by your dad’s, step-dad’s, mentor or any old guy you’ve looked up to, throughout your life and say “Hey, just thinking about you!  Thanks for always being there for me!”  Remember, it’s the little things!

My Mr. Wonderful isn’t the bio-dad of my two adult children,  but he has always been there for them.  Hats off to all the men of the world, who guide, love, support the young people.  Teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime…or something like that. Let’s let our kids grow up and find their way.

Sending good thoughts,  Barbara


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