Big News from the Treasured Home!

Hello, Gorgeous!Let's get right down to it!  See the beautiful piece of furniture, above?  It's one of 24 colors from Fusion Mineral Paint, that's arriving this coming week! (Tuesday) Check out: ( This is a … ...Continue reading >>

Appreciation Sale!

WE APPRECIATE YOU! Here's a little gift!   It's our way of saying thank you, for subscribing to our newsletter! PLEASE ENJOY 25 % OFF ANYTHING, IN OUR NEW BOUTIQUE! Jewelry, Clothing, Scarves & Totes Offer good, Saturday & Sunday, … ...Continue reading >>

New Classes at the Shop!

Hello sweetness!, If you had told me ten years ago, that I would be teaching crafty DIY classes one day, I would have laughed!Now, I get to spend time with lovely people, like Karen, above, trying something new.  As the class settles into … ...Continue reading >>

Last Call for “Paint & Sip” Night!

Greetings, gorgeous!I just never know, when I plan my class calendar, just what kind of response I'm going to get. I wish I had psychic capabilities!  That would be a great help!After quite a few sold out Paint & Sip nights, our class for … ...Continue reading >>

To Market, To Market, To Buy & Buy Some More!

Hello, sweets! January was supposed to be a relaxed month of catch-up and reorganize.  I'm not sure how it happens, but now we're almost ready to celebrate Valentine's Day.Winter market, in Las Vegas, is two or three days of non-stop walking. … ...Continue reading >>

This Week at the Shop!

Hello, friend!While Mr. Wonderful and I are on vacation, Jill and Alexis are holding down the shop.  As you see, Jill has her hands full, with this custom paint project!  A deconstructed hutch, in 412 pieces!Even away, my brain never stops … ...Continue reading >>

New Classes, for a New Year!

Greetings!, Can you believe it's the end of 2017?  Crazy! I hope your holidays have been everything you wanted them to be!  Mr. Wonderful and I were orphans this Christmas, so everything was pretty low-key.  We missed the kids, but the low-key part … ...Continue reading >>

Last Minute Sale & Good Wishes!

Hi there sweets!, In the new year, I vow to plan better!  Vow may be too strong of a word. Should I say try? Probably! I know you're up to your ears in to-do's on your list, but if you are going to be cruising by the shop Saturday or Sunday, … ...Continue reading >>

This Week at the Shop!

Mr. Wonderful and I ran away from home, Monday morning and headed for the hills.  In my never-ending attempt to maintain balance in our lives, it was time for a get away. (Sunrise photo, compliments of Bob, who is the early riser, in the … ...Continue reading >>

Santa’s coming! Plus more news from the shop!

It's true!  Santa's coming this Saturday, around 1 p.m.!  You never know, with Santa.  Head winds, tail winds, or some extra good girl, (like me), may hold him up, but he's pretty dependable! We've stocked up on candy canes and have the perfect spot … ...Continue reading >>

This Week, at the Shop

Hello, Darlin'!I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We sure did, but I have to tell you, it nearly wore me out! It had been some time since we hosted a family dinner and I had forgotten how much work goes into shopping, prep and clean up, … ...Continue reading >>