One of these days (I’m going to Round Top, Texas!)

I just spoke with the second woman I know, on her way to the Round Top Antique Fair! Go girls! Towing trailer, and all! Talk about the “Ultimate Girl’s Road Trip”! Does it matter that I can’t drive a trailer? Can an old dog still learn new tricks?

With over 2000 vendors, showing October 3rd through 6th, I think you’d need more than a stinking little trailer!

I’d need a serious truck, trailer and complete staff of burley moving men! Plus, an endless supply of Ben Franklin’s!

Details aside, wouldn’t this be a hoot?? I’d come home talkin’ Texan, for sure!

Have you ever been to Round Top? Any plans to go? Can I tag along? Please?



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  1. Wow, I’m way out of the loop – I’ve never even heard of this fair. Sounds like fun though!!

  2. Never heard of it either. If it helps I can drive a trailer, but only in forward! Haha! Enjoy your weekend! 😉

  3. I’ve wanted to go to Round Top for YEARS. Brimfield, too, for that matter. Have never been to either one and don’t know when I’ll get there. Sigh.

  4. I learned about it after I started blogging. Would love to go, too some time.

  5. It has been a while back, but it is bragged as the biggest, but of course in Texas we say that for everything…I will brag and say it has been growing and growing and todays young hip vintage gal, loves Round Top, the Junk Gypsie’s have been talking in up and even HGTV has had a booth…If you ever come, make sure you have a buddy in crime…the road trip from any border of Texas to the center is a treck…You would have so much fun….and if you ever do…tell me(I am 3hours from Round Top)

  6. I’ve been going to Round Top Antiques Fair since it first began in the 1980s with Emma Lee Tourney’s weekend show. It’s grown in leaps and bounds since those early days and now one can shop for miles and miles. I went over on Thursday for the day ~ first day of the Warrington shows. I’ll go back on Tuesday for the opening of Marburger Farms Shows and others. One could spend days and still not shop it all! It’s fun for sure………Sarah

  7. Lisa Vassios says

    Come on down Barbara!!! We’ll show you plenty of Texas hospitality! Round Top is a once in a lifetime experience. I’m going!!!!

  8. Round Top is on my bucket list!!….My friend used to sell her antique linens at Round Top and said it was her favorite antique fair…

  9. We attended Round Top for the first time last fall and had a blast! We’re only 3 hours away so we do plan on going back someday! Lots of great stuff.

    New follower here & just joined as a blog sister!

  10. It sounds like so much fun!

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