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First of all, let’s talk about Workshops!

Paint and Embellish this tray, on June 23rd!

Hello, beautiful!  

How are you feeding your creative spirit this summer?

Before opening the shop, in 2012, my  creative spirit was buried under the sofa cushion, sitting next to some petrified sesame sticks!

I’ve always been terribly practical, and have a hard time justifying things like massages, pedicures or me time.  Especially , when the kids were little, the thought of spending an afternoon with a girlfriend, doing something creative was unheard of! (Having an unsupportive-golfing husband, at the time, didn’t help! 🤔) But it really is so important, for our mental health!

It pleased my heart to no end, that the women in yesterday’s Fancified Terra-cotta Pot class had so much fun!  They just loved the process.  Donna said, “I don’t want this to end!”  Your excitement, to learn something new, is my greatest reward!

By the way, we’ll repeat this class, on August 5th, in case you missed this one  Join Us

We’ll also be hosting two FREE demonstrations, in the coming weeks!

June 21st, we’ll have a Furniture Painting Demonstration, start to finished. Last time, we painted  a beautiful French provincial  chair!

July 8, we’ll talk all about Iron Orchid Designs, from 11-12!

See how I made this beautiful image, on an old chalk board! Plus, there are molds and stamps, you should know about, if you’re a furniture painter, or crafter. By the way, do you love those lamps?!

We’re just about done with this console table.  It would be great in an entry, behind a sofa and provide extra dining space when the collapsible leaf is extended. Our love-fest with Fusion Mineral Paint continues! Did you know it’s great for both indoor and outdoor projects?  Hubba-hubba !

There’s still room in our Paint & Sip class. Sunday, June 24th, at 1 p.m.   Whether you’re drinking wine or lemonade, it’s all good!

Probably our BIGGEST SALE, IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, IS COMING UP, ON JUNE 30th & JULY 1st!  I bought twice as much in France, last month, as I did last year.  Gotta Make Room!  If I’m lying, I’m dying! Hope you can make it!

Til next time, say your prayers, do something nice for someone and go shopping! …Preferrably at The Treasured Home! 😘


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