New (Furniture, Etc.) at The Treasured Home!

Greetings, dear ones!,
I have just a few things to show you, at The Treasured Home, if you have a minute to sit back and take a peak!

This isn’t what we’d call a “beauty shot”, but these two shutter panels are from Italy. They’re big and chunky, with equally chunky hardware! Yummy!


Mr. Wonderful has practically rebuilt this buffet, from scratch! He’ll be glad to see it head to the shop, for wax and hardware next week!

I got my hands on this bee-uuuutiful twin bed frame, complete with side boards and a matching dresser today. Does it need repair?

All together now, “Of course it does!”

Mr. Wonderful is acting as though he’s done with furniture repair for a while. I’m hoping he’s just pretending!

I’m happy to say that the jewelry lines are selling well! I like to buy affordable trinkets, that look like they cost a lot more!

Oops! This is the dresser that matches the beautiful bed! Color suggestions?

Need a sweet little night stand and rocker, for a child’s room? Check!

Finally, be sure to check out my new cotton scarves! I only brought in a couple of purses. We’ll see what you think about those.

Do you dig my vintage sunglasses? This is a low-budget operation, so we can’t afford professional models!

While I’m gone, Debbie and Patti will be “holding down the fort”. Be sure to stop by, and say hi, for me! I’ll be back on Tuesday, so don’t be a stranger!

Finally, we have one more painting class on the calendar for April. May’s calendar should be up next week, along with a few more fun, new ideas!


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  1. Donnamae says:

    The model you hired does a pretty good job…she is a little animated though! Those shutters are great…whatcha gonna do with them? 😉

    • Hello there, Donnamae! Yes, she does wiggle around a lot and she’s old! Gotta get one of those youngin’s to help out. As far as the shutters are concerned, I’m hoping some wise person will buy them, once I have them displayed in the shop. They’d be cool wall treatments in our outside a home. I think!
      Take care!

  2. Barbara – those shutters had me at hello!!!

    And that bed is amazing!

    I think Italian Vogue is looking for a new cover girl – and you are it!!

  3. Melanie MacBride says:

    Think the Model is just fine. I know for a fact that the model has the coolest gray boots that did some walking in Slovenia and Italy.
    Barbara, I like you face book page. Mel

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