New Class: Aging a New Oak Tray

Hello, good people!

img_3154There are still a few spots left, for Saturday’s new class, aging an oak serving tray!

I’m kind of a tray junkie.  True confessions!


This galvanized tray has been really popular, at the shop!

I love how trays offer another layer, to a space.  More texture, more bang for your design buck! I used trays often, whether on a coffee table, kitchen island, or even in my powder room.

Mirrored trau

So, when I found a raw oak tray, built in the U.S., by some of our wonderful veterans, the wheels started turning!


Made of solid oak, this tray is 13 x 24″.


Earlier this year, Amy Howard came out with a new product, that gives raw wood an Aged appearance.  Depending on the tannins in a wood species, Better with Age reacts differently.

On some woods, like pine, hardly any changes take place.  But, on walnut, maple and definitely on oak, the changes are huge!

Then, to give the tray some more age, we apply Venetian plaster and seal it all, with a matte poly acrylic.

You’ll leave with a serving piece, for your holiday gatherings, or to give as a gift, you made, with your own two hands.  What could be better?

Sign up on line athttps://www.thetreasuredhome.com/classes, or call the shop, at 916/514-5272.


But don’t wait too long.  The class will be full, before you know it!



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