My best all-time estate sale find!

Trust me. I have many more experiences, of finding and purchasing items at estate sales, that I should never have purchased, but did.

But on this particular day, about a year ago, I found this French confit pot, and the seller didn’t know what it was.


Normally, if you looked on eBay or in an antique shop, these beautiful pots, that we’re used for preserving food, will run around $300. I bought mine for $15!

Oh, joy!

This morning, I made a quick run over to the wholesale floral supply, to get ribbon for the shop and to see what was in. While there, I got a huge bunch of baby’s breath along with these artichoke-type of flowers and made a great, simple fall arrangement. (I put a glass vase inside the pot, since I think the pot is porous.)

While we’re here, let me show you the rest of my extensive, over-the-top fall decor, soon-to-be Christmas decor!

See it? Look closer!

Yep! There it is! A darling garland, that I got at the Noel Vintage Market, last weekend. I love it’s simplicity! Right up my alley!

As I write this, Mr. Wonderful and I are taking the day off, driving up to Lake Tahoe and enjoying the fall colors.

I hope your day brings you lots of reasons to smile!


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  1. Love the simplicity of your fall decor too! Sometimes, that’s all you need! 😉

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