Mr. Wonderful Cooked Dinner!

Greetings dear Blog Sister!,
I hope you had a relaxing weekend!

God was happy we made it to mass this morning. Now that both parents are gone, the old church doesn’t feel the same. My younger sister used to drive Dad to church and now she doesn’t go. We’ve been visiting other churches, hoping to find a good fit, but so far, no luck. I told Mr. Wonderful I might start the Church of Furniture Painting. Ya think?

Things were quiet at the shop until early afternoon, when a neighbor came in and bought my old ladder.

My new (old) Monogramed European linens were hanging from it proudly. I sadly said farewell.

I was extra happy, when a lovely woman came in, looking for a chest of drawers for her kids. Something well built and roomy.

“Follow me to the back room” I said. This mid century modern piece that I painted with latex will be perfect. Besides, it never really mixed with the other pieces in the shop, so I’m glad it will be going to a good home!

Speaking of home, back at the ranch, Mr. Wonderful had been wanting to try a new way to cook rack of lamb, so I knew I was in for a treat! If he had his way, he would eat red meat every morning, noon and night! I’m not complaining though!

I love this man, who cooks!


Being the petite little thing that I am, I’m sure I won’t be able to finish this little dinner.

Even so, it was so nice to enjoy a good dinner at home…that I didn’t have to cook!

Then, the two little piggies had dessert, while watching “The Good Wife”! I think I’m going to roll on up to bed now. Sweet dreams to you all!


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  1. Haha! Yeah….dessert would have done me in too! But it all looks so delicious!! You are one lucky gal!! 😉

  2. What a sweet hubby. Now that I’ve opened my store my hubby does the house cleaning on Saturday. He knows he’s appreciated. Cute Post!!

  3. Debbie kick says:

    That dinner looks amazing. I too love a man in an apron, but my husband is better in the yard than the kitchen… Hope you get over the loss of your ladder.

  4. yummy ….looked like a wonderful dinner, and the ladder…yeap somethings we hate to see go, to much fun. But the rules of running your own store sure changes that…Have a blessed and Happy TDay…and a little rest

  5. There just isn’t a prettier picture than a man in the kitchen. Aren’t we lucky to have men who cook? If you tell me he made that dessert, I’m coming to CA to live with you two.

    Keep looking for a church that makes you happy. I finally joined one in January, after a long search. I walked inside, sat down, and felt like I was at home. That’s how it should be.

  6. Oh Barb!..No wonder you call him Mr. Wonderful…not only is he a “good man” he cooks!!…and that stove!…Very impressive!!….Now, back to the shop!..glad you sold the ladder, but I am spying that red and white linen with the initials…what are the initials…is that first initial an “S”??

    • Well, my shopping diva, there are two with “s”‘s. one is SM and the other is SR. No SS’s, but I know how you like your monograms! They’re vintage European linen hand towels, basically. And ONLY $29 each! Ha! I can send better pictures, if you’d like.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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