Last Minute Sale & Good Wishes!

Hi there sweets!,

In the new year, I vow to plan better!  Vow may be too strong of a word. Should I say try? Probably!

I know you’re up to your ears in to-do’s on your list, but if you are going to be cruising by the shop Saturday or Sunday, between 11 and 3, All things Christmas, (minus the vintage sleds and vendor inventory, in our new space) are HALF off.

This includes Christmas cards, preserved 10″ boxwood wreaths, hand made stockings, ornaments on the tree and anything else, around the shop.

Furniture, remains at 25% Off, as well!

My dear friend, Tregae, will be holding down the fort, all by herself, on Christmas Eve.

Let me take this moment, to thank my Shop Sisters, for their love and support, this last year!  Diane, Pat, Tregae, and of course Jill, are the best!  I couldn’t do it without you.

Of course, there’d be no need for any of this without you, our wonderful customers.  I love the connections, I’ve had the opportunity to make with so many of you.  I thank you all, for risking your life, as you pull off of busy Fair Oaks Blvd., to visit us and support the cause. I mean it, from the bottom of my heart.

We’ll be closed, Christmas, through New Years, reopening on January 2nd, all rested up!

Until we meet again, God bless!


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