Inventory Clearance & News About Your Winning Lottery Ticket!

That made ya look!? Huh?

Winning lottery ticket and all, I mean!

I have so many projects I want to take on and the nasty part is that they all seem to require money!  And of course since I don’t play the lottery, the next alternative is a money tree!

Two, very reasonable options!

Now, we’ll return to reality and all that stuff!

Yes, it’s our summer – inventory clearance- finish cleaning out the back room-so we can expand the shop – and make room for French inventory sale! Wow, that’s a mouth full!

Let’s just say, the shop is packed full of vintage treasures!  And remember, all paint products and supplies are 20% OFF, along with all jewelry and gifts!

Head ’em up, move ’em out!  This pair of pretty night stands are just $189!  Yes, I said PAIR! Please bring that strong, handsome man in your life, or down the street, who always packs a moving blanket!  These two beauties are heavy!  But do it soon, because they’re getting lots of attention!

This little secretary’s desk has been in Bob’s family for years.  It’s sweet, simple and well worn.  All for $95!

If you’re a card shark, like Mr. Wonderful, you may need a leather topped card table, for $130!

All of our jewelry, including Uno de 50, is on sale! 20% OFF everything!  Is it too early to even say the word Christmas?

Yikes!  Good thing I ducked!  I hate it when you start throwing things at me!

Trust me, there are goodies throughout the shop, at great savings!  Think of it as your civic duty,  to help us make room!


So how’s your summer going?  Mr. Wonderful and I patted ourselves on the shoulder, last week, for hiking to the top of Eagle Rock, on the west shore of Tahoe.

If you’ve made the trek, you know it could qualify as a Senior Citizen Approved Mini Hike.  But if you haven’t, let’s call it a Giant Step for Mankind! At least we got our hiking boots on. That’s a step in the right direction!

This weekend is our Second Annual Vendor Retreat. Sounds official, right?  It’s actually just an excuse for girlfriends to get away for fresh air, food, walks, dominoes and craft projects.  Sort of like summer camp, when I was a Girl Scout.  Only difference is that they didn’t allow wine, back then!

Before I let you go, Jill will kiss and hug you, if you buy her dining table and chairs!  Great looking, like Jill and at a fab price!

Well, that’s a wrap.  See you soon!



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