5 Easy Steps to Painting Furniture!


Today, I thought I’d give you a simple step-by step tutorial, to show you how simple it is, to give new life to a treasure from the paI know it can be intimidating, if you’re a newbie to furniture painting and restoration.   Hopefully, I’ll help you  see that there’s little to fear!

Step 1: Ideally choose a real wood (wood veneer is fine) piece, that is solid, with drawers and doors that move easily.  I found the piece we’re talking about today, on one of the social media shopping sites.

Step 2:  Clean your furniture well, with a degreaser, like our Super concentrated Fusion TSP. It’s eco friendly and all you need is 2 cap-fulls , in a quart of water.  Wipe your piece down and let it dry, while getting the rest of your supplies ready.

3.  We painted the base, using one of our new Stallmeester brushes, slightly dampened, and Fusion Mineral Paint, in Raw Silk.  It’s my favorite white so far.  Creamy without being yellow.

Painting the base of the console table, was our plan.  We used two coats and ended up using about a quarter of a pint!  Great coverage!

Since Fusion is self-sealing and requires no top coat, the base was finished!

Step 4: For the table top, we used General Finishe’s black gel stain.  It’s a wipe on, wipe off product.Work in sections, blending the edges.  Wearing gloves (oil base) wipe the stain off, leaving the desired amount of stain on the surface,

 Step 5 : Wait two days, for it to dry completely and then seal the table top, with a wax, like, Fusion’s clear Furniture Wax.  Super creamy and easy to apply, with excellent protection!

Voila!  We’re done!

Now, how easy was that?  If you wanted to keep it even easier, you could have painted the whole piece, in Fusion’s Raw Silk, using a roller on the table top, to cut down on time and brush strokes. A contrasting paint color, like Ash, (charcoal), would have been nice, too.

If you’re ready to get started, just drop into the shop in Fair Oaks or visit our on-line shop at https://www.thetreasuredhome.com/shop/ If you are still a bit nervous, join a Paint Your Own Piece class.  Register on line, at https://www.thetreasuredhome.com/classes/

Since 2012, we’ve taught thousands of Sacramento area folks to Paint it Beautiful! Please join us soon!


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