How to Turn a Grain Sack Into a Pillow

Hello Dear Ones,

Do you love antique European grain sacks? They’ve been a favorite for a while now.


I love them! Their texture! They were made to last for years, and that has certainly been accomplished. They date back to the 1800’s, made of a hemp fabric, or very thick linen.

As you might have guessed, the stripes and monograms identified the farmer.

I took a grain sack and turned it into a pillow today. A perfectly simple transformation, you can do at home.

Bob had sliced up a branch for me, to turn into buttons. I took the little slivers of wood and drilled holes in them. Voila!! Simple buttons, for my grain sack pillow!


I just went to my nearest discount store, Ross, and purchased a king sized bed pillow.

I didn’t make button holes, but should the future owner need to wash the bag again, the five “buttons” will have to be sewn back on.

Simple as pie! And I love pie!


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  1. Ana Maria says:

    You make it look so easy!

    Please keep me posted if you ever come across any grain sacks with the initials AM; AT; JI; MS; DA
    I guess my family’s initials were not popular back then!

  2. Beautiful! Congrats!!

  3. Great idea for making your own buttons! Enjoy your weekend! ūüėČ

  4. Love the button idea!

  5. No wonder you call Bob “Mr. Wonderful”! Those buttons are just cute as can be. “Oh Mr. Bird Nest…”.

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