How To Paint Upholstery

Learn how to paint upholstery using Fusion Mineral Paint! This is an easy technique that is both beautiful and budget friendly!

We all have outdated upholstered chairs in our home, but many of us do not have the skills to reupholster them.  Today, Barbara is going to show you how to paint upholstery and completely transform those pieces that you may have otherwise given up on.  This is a really easy painting technique that will yield a pretty result and not break the bank.  Let’s get started by going over the supplies you will need.

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How To Paint Upholstery – Supplies List:

TSP from Fusion Mineral Paint – Use this to thoroughly clean your piece before you begin.

Spray Bottle – You will need a spray bottle to dampen your fabric and your paint bristles before you apply the paint.

Putty from Fusion Mineral Paint – A sophisticated neutral that blends beige and grey and grounds any colour scheme.

Staalmeester Flat Paintbrush #20 

Beeswax/Hemp Oil Wax by Fusion Mineral Paint

Ageing Wax by Fusion Mineral Paint

Watch and learn how to paint upholstery below!

WOW!!!  Two “new to you” chairs for twenty bucks.  That’s a bargain and a great DIY project.  Here are a few takeaway tips:

Clean your piece before you begin!  DO NOT skip this step.

Fabric will require 3-5 coats of paint.  Take your time and be patient with the process.

Dampen the fabric and your paintbrush before you begin.

Dilute the paint by about 35-40 percent with water.  This is only for the fabric portion of your project.

Be sure you pick a piece that has clean, unfrayed fabric.  You want to start with a quality piece that will take the paint well.

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  1. Gail Cohee says

    Love your work Barbara! What a great teacher!

    • Barbara Bussey says

      You can see I’m not exactly prompt, when it comes to answering messages! 😩 Thanks though for your kind words and support!
      Cheers!, Barbara

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