Hand Picked Gifts for the Holidays

Can you believe it, Christmas is just 5 days away?

Are you ready?  We can help!


You won’t have to fight over a parking spot.

We’ll gift bag your purchase. We’ll even smile and tell you how much we appreciate your business…because it’s true!



We love to help you find the perfect gift.  Sunday, I helped two gentlemen, make sense of it all.  So fun!


Don’t tell me you don’t have a cookie plate for Santa?! And they…and all our holiday merchandise is 30% Off!


Need a stocking stuffer?  I promise they’ll love these natural soaps, with built in scrubbies!  Pinky swear!

Amy Howard One Step

All paint and supplies are 20% off, while supplies last, through the end of the year!

(You know, Jill and I hate doing year-end inventory, so the less we have to count, the better! Trust me!)

img_3397 uno de 50

Have you ever bought yourself a gift to open, on Christmas morning? True confessions…I have!  Our hand made Uno de 50 jewelry line, from Spain, would fit the bill, perfectly!


We can’t thank you enough, for all of your friendship and support, this past year.  Truly!

Please enjoy the weeks ahea, as we prepare to great a new year of laughter, good friends, exploration and possibilities.  It’s a year filled with lots of surprises and opportunity, so dust off those wings and fly!

No matter what holiday you celebrate or how you celebrate it, may you always know peace, health and friendship; the best gifts on earth!


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  1. Wishing you a wonderful and restful (!) holiday season. You have certainly earned it. I hope your family is visiting and you can enjoy your new place in Tahoe. Much success in 2017! Jane

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