Our Great Adventure, Part 2

Hello again!

I thought I would share a few more photos and thoughts of our time in France.

While we were gone just a week, the days were packed.  Right now, it stays light, later in southern France, than here at home.  Often we didn’t sit down for dinner until 9ish.  No one complained.

There was something beautiful to see, around every corner.  What about the ceiling in this bed and breakfast we visited, for a glass of champagne?

Or, how about the Venetian mirror?  The prettiest one I’ve ever seen! Big rooms.  Stunning, yet comfortable.  Many of the sofas and chairs were covered with slip covers or linens.

Bernedette, or Bernie, as she likes to be called, is the proprietress, and she’s going strong in her late 70’s.

Beautiful chandeliers throughout…but is that an air freshener hanging from this piece? I totally love the wall color/finish!

Even though this home was pretty spectacular, I loved the hotel we stayed in, because it was comfortable and centrally located, within easy walking distance to everything we needed.

Besides the treasure hunt and beautiful sights, the girl-time was a favorite for me.  To think that you can gather 14 women, many of whom had never met, that gel so well, was pretty incredible.

Here, we were enjoying lunch, in a bayside restaurant, after a boat ride.  Just gorgeous!

If I were doing it over…when I do it again, I’ll fly a much more direct route.  Changing planes twice before reaching your destination, is for the birds!  I’ll also arrive a day early and stay a day after the tour ends. I’m not a spring chicken,  you know. Traveling that far requires a bit more down time.

So, what do you think?  Are you ready to go on a vintage shopping tour in France?  Want to join me and a fab guide next spring?

I’m making a list of interested travelers, so let me know if you’d like me to add your name!  May 2018, baby! Bam!



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  1. Yes yes yes! I’d love to be added to the interested list!

  2. Barb I would absolutely love to go!!
    Please count me in!! I’ve been to France once but I did not see enough. It was only for two days and we moslty did sightseeing in Paris. I’ve really wanted to go back to see the the French countryside. I’m definitely on board!

  3. Where in France are you going?…..Do you have someone who will pack and ship things for you?

  4. Caryn Gordon says

    Please put me on the interested list!

  5. Marti Sather says

    Ooh la la Barbara! Please add me to your list…it is a long held dream of mine to visit France. Merci!

  6. Hi Barbara, It was a wonderful trip wasn’t it although too short.
    I definitely want to go back soon. Suzi

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