Going to the “City of Brotherly Love” (Philadelphia)

Since I have a daughter in the Army and a son in the Navy, I’ll try not to take sides. We’re crossing the country tomorrow for the big game, (leaving Max, our friend the Body Builder at the house, in case anyone’s got unsavory ideas!).

So, here’s the program…

I’ll be at the shop today playing store til 6 pm. The shop will be closed Thursday and OPEN, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, thanks to dear friends, Joaquin, Jini and Patti. (Debbie would be slaving away too, but as of today, she’s a grandma!! Congratulations!)

They’re going to roll out my freshly painted chair…which will no doubt, stop traffic!

So, please, do me a favor! Stop by the shop and say “hi”! Make sure they’re working real hard and not just polishing off the wine, all by themselves! And don’t forget, all Christmas goodies are 25% off!

Do you know of any “can’t miss” antique shops or flea markets I shouldn’t miss? And why do they call Philly the “city of brotherly love” for heaven’s sake?

Be good and look for upcoming travel notes…coming soon!


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  1. Chair looks great! Have a great time at the game..go team go!! Safe flight! 😉

  2. Have fun Barbara!!…I can just see you now…cheering for both teams!!!
    Fantastic chair…you look so happy…so glad the shop is doing well and making you happy!!

  3. oh enjoy! Safe travels to you!

  4. I hope you have a great time. Love the chair.


  5. My husband (police officer) just said, “Philadelphia?! I hope she’s armed! LOL!”
    Have a lovely time!



  6. Yes Brotherly love, has forgotten this sentiment..
    Have fun at the game, got to be ton’s of traditions…I guess as a Mom to a Marine(once a Marine always) I would have to cheer the Navy(a complicated relationship) but my son now works for the Army Depot( huge facility) and he plays in the world of Hazardous Material (what was he thinking)….so have fun and stay save( Remember pay attention to your surroundings)

    • Hi Kat, we’re in the plane approaching Philladelphia. It’s been a long day. At least many of the planes have wi-fi service. Makes the time pass faster! Thanks for the words of warning! Take care, B.

  7. Have a great time Barbara. Your new chair is wonderful…love it!

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