Gift Ideas For Your Guy

Is your Mr. Wonderful hard to shop for? Well, I may have a few ideas for you. Yes, I know that there are only six more days until Christmas! But who’s counting?

The natural rock book ends are quite manly, and only $32. The hand thrown pottery is also quite handsome, for $26. The brass lamp would look quite nice in your man’s “man cave”, for $122.

Taxi, anyone?

How about a little lumbar support?

Of course, no man’s world is complete, without a tractor seat!

Maybe a weathered library ladder? No? Then how about a bird McMansion? Just two left!

Decisions, decisions! Hopefully, you’ve got all your shopping behind you. The kids seem satisfied with the news that this is “The Year of the Check”! Heck, for all I know, it may be the decade of the check!

Blessings to you and yours!,


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  1. You’re so right, the Mr. Wonderfuls of the world are really hard to buy for. You know I really like those bird McMansions! They are perfect! Got my gift already for my hubby and it’s just as quirky! We are snowed in, so glad all the shopping is done!! 😉

    • Snowed in! As in can’t leave? That would bring a whole new element to life! I’m glad you’re done too. I really hate last minute shopping! It usually looks like an afterthought!
      Stay warm, (and I’m dying to know what you got your hubs, that’s quirky!)

  2. love the rock book ends…if you saw my house you would LOL as I have so around the house, rocks in the house and rocks in my head…your button is on my side bar now,for folks to find you…my hubby when you have been together as long as we….it is the needed….new boots,and tires for his truck…me my one wish a silouette for my subway stuff…

    PS if you come over to my blog, jump over to ART IS BEAUTY…..she has a wonderful Auction going on for SandyHooks school…have a great day

  3. Those Bookends Rock! ha! Great ideas Barbaea!

    Love & Hugs,
    Art by Karena
    $75 NOVICA Giveaway

  4. Love the ladders and the bird McMansions….!

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