No-Wax Fusion Mineral Paint Is Now Available, at Our Online Shop!

We love no-wax Fusion Mineral Paint and as of today, you can shop on line, here at!

Jill and Ann Marie, our tech wizards, have been working tirelessly, behind the scenes, to get this major project completed.  Thank you, ladies!

One condition to becoming an online retailer, is that you must stock the entire product line!  We have become the paint and wax brush capitol of the world!  A proud achievement, for sure! And we have all 48 of Fusion’s beautiful colors, sitting proudly on our shelves!  (That blank black spot on the wall, will hold new Iron Orchid products, in a few weeks! 😍

Fusion Mineral Paint is zero-VOC paint, that’s safe to use indoors and around babies.  If you choose to use a wax, for extra sheen and durability, ours are all natural!  No more stinky waxes to work with! Just try it.  We promise you’ll be hooked!

We will have a variety of promotions throughout the year and we’re starting with a free paint tester, in your color choice, when you purchase a Staalmeester brush! This line of brushes is a real treat to paint with, trust me!  They have a 5-10 year expected life span, depending on how thoroughly you clean your brush, after each use! Made in Denmark, they are truly quality tools.

The crusty old brushes hanging from our brush mobile, provide an example of how not to care for your brushes!

Before I say farewell, let me remind you about our Big-Huge Sale, this Saturday and Sunday, from 10:30-4:30! 

Serious savings!  This sale comes at a great time.  Our container arrives from France, at the end of July and we  must make room!  We were also broken into a few weeks ago.  We suffered about a $4,000 loss.  Our insurance company advised us not to file a claim, since we filed an earlier claim, for another break in, just a year and a half ago.  😟 I hope to send email out, Friday night, so you can see what kind of serious savings I’m talking about!

Your support is always appreciated! 

May the force be with you!



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