Fundraiser for Newtown & Sandy Hook School

Greetings, sweet ones,

There are so many kind people in the world! They somehow help make up for the “rotten apples”. At least just a little bit.

Kat, at Kat’s Kalamities, referred me to a generous soul, named Karin, at Art Is Beauty.

She has donated one of her beautiful paintings to the Newtown School Fund.


Thank you Karin, for sharing your talent in such a positive way! What a wonderful gesture of kindness.


Take a look at Karin’s blog, when you have a moment to spare.

If we all do something kind to or for another, even just today, it will be a better world.



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  1. Barbara, Thank you so much for your wonderful bid! It warms my heart to see so many giving people in the world.

  2. I know why I like you, you are a kind person,it is in your DNA and I want to say thank you for your giving heart,may your day be blessed in so many ways…

  3. congrats and a very lovly gesture…hope you have a blessed week

  4. Shelly Beckman says:

    Barbara, lovely post.
    I think you have the wrong link to Karen’s site. I think it is

  5. What a beautiful painting and beautiful gesture!!!….There is hope!

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