Essential Oil Blend of the Month: Immunity Blend

Greetings, love birds!

If you’re like me, essential oils can be overwhelming!  While there’s a great reference book at the shop ($22), if you want to study up, I like a simpler approach. I let Monica Biery do the work for me!

While Monica isn’t a medical professional, she’s worked with essential oils for 25 years.  You may me recall me telling you that none of her 3 children (7-17) have been on antibiotics.  While this doesn’t mean they never get sick, it means she finds more body friendly, natural ways to care for her family’s health.

Now that winter is fast approaching and the kids are back in school, we thought this would be an excellent time to tell you about the Immunity Blend.

There’s no way to avoid exposure to the nasty germs around us. But the Immunity Blend offers a way to proactively build our immune system, to fight off the “bad guys”! 

Immunity Blend:

The main oil in Monica’s Immuniy Blend, is Clove oil.  It’s antioxidant levels are “off the charts”!  Anti oxidants fight free radicals in our bodies, helping to fight off infection, inflammation, fungus and the rest of the family. 

We’ve started to add clove oil (for sale at the shop) to our diffusers, along with lavender and peppermint.  It’s a wonderful scent and so good for us!

The Immunity Blend is for sale at the shop and if you want to learn even more, come to one of Monica’s free seminars!

I promise you’ll love Monica and learning more about essential oils!

Through the end of October, our Immunity Blend will be 10% Off!

Until we meet again, stay well!


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