Downstairs, at the Tahoe Fixer

Happy May to you!  I hope all is well, in your world!

Mr. Wonderful and I took a drive up to Tahoe, last Sunday, to check on the reclaimed wood flooring installation.


This photo was taken in the living area, before the ting oil was applied, which will deepen the tones.  We chose ting oil over a man made sealant, like verathane, because ting oil is easier to reapply, at a later date.  The only downside, is that it takes a few weeks for the smell to dissipate.


The living area looks huge, without furniture in it.  The kitchen island you see, will have reclaimed wood, wrapping the posts and inserted into the front panels, where the stools will sit.
imageWe had the 12×24″ floor tiles laid a bit unusually. I wanted to avoid having just a tile “box” in the kitchen, while at the same time, covering the high traffic areas.



I’m looking forward to having the dust, equipment and tarps all gone, so I can start the fun stuff, which is decorating!


This is the dining room and you can see the darker floor tones, after ting oil has been applied.  Mr. Wonderful installed bead board on the window wall.  It’s hard to see in this photo and the trim work hasn’t been finished, but hopefully it will add some interest to the room.

If I had hit the Power Ball jackpot, I would have had ship lap installed on all the walls.  Thanks to “Fixer Upper”, ship lap is everywhere you want to be!


The downstairs doors had a reddish-orange stain on them, so Pat-the-Painter darkened them, which I love.


You can see the bead board more easily in the downstairs bedroom.  I’m planning to hang drapery panels, rods and pull down shades, on the downstairs windows.   At the living room sliding door, they will be full drapes.

In other news, Good Day Sacramento (Channel 31), will be back at the shop at 7 a.m., this coming Sunday…Mother’s Day! I’ll be showing you how to make a last minute gift for mom!


And be sure to mark your calendars, for our Spring Bazaar, Sunday, May 22nd!  New inventory, raffle prizes, and Mr. Wonderful will be grilling hamburgers!


Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Great post. LOVE the darker doors.

  2. Valerie McKnight says

    Love seeing your Tahoe home! It’s looking so beautiful!

  3. I LOVE the floors…and congrats on the TV segment!!!

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