Creative Studio Time and More!

Hello friend!,

Just yesterday, a girlfriend and I spent the afternoon crafting.  I call it creative play time.  

For me, I’m happiest when I have a chance to make something pretty.  Playing with paint, glazes, waxes, molds, stamps and transfers, is what I hope heaven will be like! (I put my reservation in! Have you? 🙂

Back to reality for a bit.   We cracked open a brand new, never before used  Fleur de lis decor mold, from Iron Orchid Designs.   Besides fleur de lis, the mold set includes leaf and acorn molds, which are perfect for fall!


Voila! After placing and gluing the paper clay molds, I continued to paint and glaze the board. Where is that picture?!  

I’ve also seen the leaves and acorns used to create a beautiful border! (This mold  is available in our Online Store )

Annnywaay… many of our customers have asked about us making our studio workspace, molds, stamps, paint, etc., available for you to use. So, in August, we’ve added Creative Studio time, on Thursday afternoons, August 1, 15, and 29.  Just go to our workshop class schedule, for all the details.

While this will not be a structured class format, we will be available, if you need guidance.  Whether you want to bring in a cabinet door, dresser drawer or just want to play IOD Princess, for an afternoon, it’s all good.  Mi casa es su casa! (3 years of high school Spanish.  Did I get it right!?)

Last, but not least, we have a few spots left for this Thursday’s (yes, tomorrow) Embellished Terra Cotta Pot Class.  1-3:30ish, for $39.  Just go  Online and sign up!

Even though I don’t mention our boutique, nearly as often as I do everything Fusion and IOD, our boutique is selling lots of clothes!

To keep inventory fresh, we’ve started a $25 sale rack.  Every Friday, you’ll find new additions!  In many cases, pieces are priced below cost. I’m just super committed to giving you new goodies to get excited about, every time you visit!

If you’d like to be thoroughly entertained, we’re hosting a Facebook Live Fashion Show and Sale!  Great value, quality and yes, we can ship!  Stay tuned and mark your calendar!


Well chick-e-dee, don’t melt this week, in the summer heat!  Remember, back in February, when we were begging for this?

Until next time, keep smiling!


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