Caring for Your Chalk-Based Paint

Hello there!

I know that when its this cold here (a low of 29 degrees), that its really cold, where some of you are! If you’re a furniture painter, I just wanted to remind you that chalk-based paint, like Maison Blanche, will be compromised by freezing temperatures.

In the past, I’ve always kept paint in the garage. Makes sense, eh? While that probably isn’t a problem in California, it might be, in your neck of the woods!

Also, be sure to close your cans completely, after each use. I use a rubber mallet, to close my cans and prevent the paint from turning to molasses. (Should have had one of those when the kids were growing up! They might have listened better!)

Well, my chick-a-dee, that’s all for today. If you want to break through the fear of painting furniture, I’ll be offering counseling sessions, there’s still room in most of the free introductory furniture painting classes, scheduled for January. Just click on the “classes” tab at the top of this page, for more details!



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  1. 29 degrees in Sac-town? Wow that is cold. Time for some fresh snow! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I didn’t know it got that cold where you are…it’s 16 here! Snuggle up! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Thanks Barbara…I did not know that…we keep all of our paint in the garage…We have had some temps in the high 20’s at night here….probably not that cold in the garage…but will move my paint!!…

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