Bon jour! Join Our French Preview Party, August 10th!

Hello lovelies!,

It’s been two months, since we returned from our adventures in Provence.  Just writing this post and going through the pictures, makes me miss it all the more!

Jill and I, as well as 13 other girlfriends of The Treasured Home, went treasure hunting, last May, withg the wonderful guidance of our bi-lingual guide, who’s an expert at finding the markets, tucked away in small villages.

Jill’s mom, Helen, was her roomie and travel companion.  My dear friend, Karen, (center, between new friends, Kim and Patrice) was my interpreter and we had a wonderful adventure!

We ate at charming cafes, that appeared around every corner.  Fortunately, we also did lots of walking!

How would you like to do your grocery shopping here?  The produce is gorgeous!

Karen and I arrived a few days early and stayed a few days after the tour, to do some extra buying for the shop.

Do you know what this is?  It’s a vintage French bread slicer, believe it or not!  I got several of them and yes, the blade is sharp!  Heidi’s using hers, to set cook books on!  Great idea!

Here are our travel buddies, after a cruise in the Bay at Cassis, on the Mediterranean.  Simply heaven!

This photo, was taken after a garden tour of a French chateau, this couple had restored.  The whole tour wasn’t just about shopping for vintage treasures, but we did lots of treasure hunting! I’m hoping to add a cooking class to next year’s itinerary, so travelers have a bit more variety.

Our container is scheduled to arrive next week, if all goes as planned!  It will be like Christmas and we can’t wait to share our finds with you! 

With classes and all, we’re going to give ourselves plenty of time to clean, prep and tag all of our new inventory. We think Friday night, August 10th, will be a great time for a Preview Party, with wine, food, friends and new treasures for you and your home!

And if you’re thinking about giving yourself an unforgettable trip to France, next May, 2019, let me know and I’ll add you to our “possible”.   List. We’ll   have more details to share soon!

With only a dozen or so women, it makes for a pretty perfect tour!

Stay tuned for more news!


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