Amy Howard at Home


Amy Howard’s products are available in-store, at The Treasured Home

The Amy Howard at Home line of professional furniture finishes, are made of the same materials Amy has used, as an artisan and interior designer, to create handmade custom furniture, for the last thirty years.

Having studied under artisans and craftsmen of Europe, Amy has sourced the best quality ingredients, from around the world. Yet, all of Amy’s extensive product line, is made right here, in the United States!

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While attending the Amy Howard University, in Memphis, I found Amy to be incredibly inspiring and empowering.

Not only is she a talented artist and designer, but she’s a brilliant business woman of integrity, with a social conscience, who gives back to the community.

I’ve learned so much from Amy and her team and I can’t wait to share my growing knowledge with you, in an upcoming class!

The Amy Howard at Home line, is available at The Treasured Home and will be available through on-line ordering, early 2014!

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