A Personal Milestone


Mr. Wonderful and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary this past weekend in San Francisco! Today was the actual anniversary!


We enjoyed a quick overnight get-away, starting in Berkeley, for lunch and shopping…then on to San Francisco and Scala’s for dinner. (We didn’t go hungry!)


Now, I know, some of you might think, 15 years? Big deal! Well, it is for us!

But, we aren’t your average couple. I was 32, when I married my first husband, after a whirl-wind courtship. The marriage lasted about 6 years and two great kids.

Bob (aka, Mr. Wonderful), was fifty-five (55), when I met him, five years later. He had never been married!

We had so many things in common and it was meant to be, as the Hallmark cards say. My parents loved Bob and they were so happy for our good fortune.

After five years on my own, I had just about thrown in the towel. I even went to an astrologer, who told me my” house of marriage” was empty and that a successful marriage wasn’t in the cards!

She didn’t know Bob.

I hear that second marriages are more likely to fail than first marriages. I’m sure that it was a bit easier, because Bob didn’t have children. Still, we had our moments, when the kids were younger!


We made/make it work, because we don’t let little things snowball into big things. We laugh a lot. We know it isn’t always going to be perfect. We thank God for our many blessings and we find time for fun together.

So much of a successful relationship, boils down to having a similar background and value system…plus, a lot of luck!

If you’re looking for love, make sure you offer the same wonderful qualities, you expect in return and don’t give up!


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  1. Congratulations!!

  2. Love this, congrats you two!

  3. Congratulations to you both, and many many more happy memories together.


  4. I just got this blog post…THIS morning. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! And, many more! 😉

  5. Sweet love story. Thanks for sharing and happy Anniversary! My husband says second marriages are the best marriages. Sure am thankful that I am his second marriage even though he is my first. Hope all is well over there in civilization.

  6. Congratulations to both of you and hope you enjoyed the anniversary a lot and I wish your love will grow more and more.

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