A Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Testimonial

Hi there!

I hope you had a great weekend! Spending as much time as I do at the shop, I am totally missing out on the new fashions at TJMax! Frankly, shopping used to be a hobby of mine. I ended up with lots of things I didn’t need, or necessarily look good in, for $19.99. I wear jeans most days now. On dressy days, I wear jeans without paint! It’s probably time to do a final sweep of my closet and weed out the remaining pieces worn, when I called on businesses in the corporate world.

Speaking of paint…

Tom, who is a master gardener, designer and shop keeper at Veranda Antiques, stopped by last week, to pick up some Luckett’s Green Milk Paint. I just can’t resist sharing a glowing testimonial for MMSMP!…

hi barbara, here is a photo of my first painting job! it was so easy and i like the fact that you only mix up what you need for that project and you do not have all those paint cans. the color is perfect exactly what i wanted for this old farm primitive plant stand. can’t wait to try more colors as i scan what items i can paint next. thanks for opening my eyes and hands to MMSP, tom

He started out on a simple piece, (which I recommend for anyone new to milk paint), but his reasons for loving it are universally known!

Please share your photos of MMSMP projects! Send them to me at Barbara@TheTreasuredHome.com.

On a more somber note, the folks hit by Sandy need our prayers and support. I’m sure that they’re not worried about which milk paint color to try next. My daughter volunteered in New Jersey yesterday and she said she will never forget the destruction and stories of loss she heard. “There, by the grace of God, go I.”


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  1. I am definitely going to have to try milk paint. I love that green. How wonderful that your daughter is volunteering. It shows the best of our country.


  2. Well, that green is beautiful…I have a garden cart…hmmmm. Now you got me thinking! And you are so right…that could have been any of us affected by such devastation…we all need to do what we can to help! 😉

    • Hi Donnamae,
      Destruction and devastation like that is hard to imagine. Betsy sent me a picture of a flattened neighborhood that had a fire. I wouldn’t know where to begin, to put my life back in order. Hopefully, I’ll never have to figure it out.

  3. love the green and hoping next Year I will be a vendor for MMS milk paint…she had said yes, but I wanted to less here stress and wait until next year…somber note yes, SANDY was devastating and living through this is stress beyond what anyone should handle…Have yu seen what Donna at Funky Junk posted…SOC’s for SANDY….Love the idea

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