A $10 fix, for a shiney HomeGoods factory finish!

Greetings, friend!

I was up at the lake house, over the chilly weekend there. An indoor project was in order.

I hung a mirror, in the upstairs landing, some time ago.   I  purchased it at HomeGoods, to use in one of the bathrooms, but it was  too large.

The metallic finish, didn’t fit the more rustic look I wanted.  It was bugging me, so with time on my hands, I painted it!


Sample size of Little Lamb (grey) – $4.99

Sample size of Raw Silk (white) -$4.99

Painters tape, flat edge razor, paint brush (1 1/2″) and artist brush and a clean damp rag.

Step 1: Clean the surface.  I didn’t have any TSP, so I just used Dawn detergent.  The I taped the inside edge, to make clean up easier.

Step 2:  Elevate the mirror a bit, on wooden blocks, and paint the base coat.  (Little Lamb) Let dry.

Step 3: Dilute the Raw Silk (cream color), with 40% (+/-) water.  Stir. Paint one side of the mirror at a time, wiping off excess, with a damp rag.  Leave on as little or as much as you want, to get the look you want. Fine tune the finish, with your artist brush and let dry.

Voila!  All done and ready to hang!  The little Fusion sample jars  are perfect for projects like this.  I could have added one of our new colored waxes, but since I didn’t have any on hand, my decision  was easy!

After first coat of grey…

After white wash. Much better.  No offense, HomeGoods!

Another world problem, solved with paint! What are you painting this week? We’re putting the finishing touches on our on-line Fusion paint shop, so stay tuned, if you’re outside the area!

Have an outstanding day!


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