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Hello again!,

It’s already the middle of August! What!?

That means the fall clothes,  that I ordered months ago, will be arriving in just a couple of weeks!  Yikes!  Since I have about 2 feet of storage, that’s already filled, with who-knows-what, I need to make room!

We all know that just because it’s August, doesn’t mean it’s time to unpack the sweaters!  With 100 degree weather today, that feels like 147 degrees, there are plenty of chances to wear light weight Cut Loose clothing and our wonderful 100% cotton tunics!

True story…

As a kid, many moons ago, I’d get a new outfit, for my mid-October birthday.  One outfit, that hadn’t previously been worn by my two older sisters!   My idea of paradise!  Of course this new outfit was usually a winter outfit.

In eighth grade, my one and only favorite birthday outfit was a houndstooth A-line wool skirt.  I wore it with an emerald green turtle neck sweater.  I was hot! Literally!  Mid-October in Sacramento goes well into the 80’s and I was sweating bullets, on my special day.  But I looked good! Ha!  (Thank goodness you only go through this awkward time in your life, just once! )

Anyway, stop everything and get over to the shop, for some serious savings!

* While you’re  there, check out our metal garden stakes, that are also 40% OFF!  

* Be sure to check out our Sale tables, in the work shop!  50% Off!

While at the shop, you’ll see that all the roof tiles have been removed again!  Turns out, the roofing contractor we hired last year, had no clue what they were doing.  A few leaky spots later, we discovered what they refer to as “gross negligence”.  So, I ask you once again to put up with the mess, while we try this roofing thing again.   Bless you!

We hope to see you soon!


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