10 Things I Love About This Room

Before becoming the blog fairy, I would jump at new magazines arriving in the mail; “Traditional Home, Better Homes & Gardens” and many more. Now, thanks to my fellow blog friends and Pinterest, I get more visual stimulation than I could ever hope for! Stacy at Conspicuous Style, recently posted this master bedroom picture and it was love at first sight!

1. Let’s start at the top. The ceiling…you know I love a beamed ceiling!
2. The fireplace! I’ve painted myself into this room, with a good book on a chilly afternoon, enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.
3. The space. How many master bedrooms do you find this large? This is a wonderful room, with plenty of glorious space!
4. The light. Once again, natural light, is one of my “true loves” and this room does it right!
5. Neutral colors. While I love color, in a bedroom, I prefer a calm, neutral space. It’s so versatile! A new rug or different pillows and you’re a new room!
6. The chaise. Isn’t that a beauty?
7. Bed throw. The blanket at the end of the bed looks like it came from some place far away.
8. Bed linens. Just looking at this bed makes me want to jump in! The linens look so luxe and comfy! It’s what I make sure of at home and what I look for in a hotel!
9. Beautiful draperies. They take a room from great to fabulous! Painter’s drop cloths would work here!
10. Good lighting. Whether it comes from the ceiling lights or lovely floor lamp, lighting is so important! Dimmers, anyone?

Enjoy a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


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  1. I would immediately replace the ceiling lights for fans. Those huge “School House” lights would blast uncontrolled light everywhere and completely diffuse any ambiance you were going for. Think of it at night…what would you possibly be doing that would need that kind of overhead lighting?
    Other than that, it is pretty fabulous!

  2. I just think they are kind of unnecessary in this case. Just a thought and my two cents worth.

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