Paint Party Today, Saturday, 11-3 P.M.

Greetings, friend! Let me introduce you to new members of the already huge Fusion Mineral Paint family! Five new gorgeous colors!  Seriously beautiful!  What does this make now? Maybe 53 naturally pigmented, indoor/outdoor, zero VOC, self-leveling colors?  Yes, I think that's about right! Huge color line-up! So, to celebrate, we're showing off these new lovelies, today, Saturday, June 15, 11:00-3:00! We'll be serving iced tea and my almost-famous chocolate chip cookies! (Yes, I wish I could … ...Continue reading >>

Paint Brush 101

Paint Brushes 101 - Which Paint Brush Should I Use for my painted furniture projects? #thetreasuredhome #paintbrushes #paintedfurniture #staalmeester #paintingtutorials

Paint Brush 101 - Let us show you how to choose the right paint brush for all of your painted furniture projects. Perfect for new or seasoned painters! Finding the right brush for your painted furniture projects can be tricky at first.  Today, Jill … ...Continue reading >>

News from the Shop!

Hello, friends!, It's so hard to believe that I've only been back from France for three weeks! It seems like months ago, that these ladies were enjoying a great lunch, followed by decadent sundaes, after a boat trip on the Mediterranean! Still, I'm … ...Continue reading >>

Waxing Vs Glazing – What’s the Difference??

Waxing VS Glazing - Find out the difference between these two Fusion Mineral Paint Finishes. #thetreasuredhome #fusionmineralpaint #waxing #glazing #furniturepaintingtechniques

Waxing Vs Glazing - Learn the differences between these two Fusion Mineral Paint finishes and how to use them!! In today's LIVE Facebook Tutorial, Barbara demonstrates two of Fusion's finishing products - Wax and Glaze.  Both of these products offer … ...Continue reading >>

Applying Iron Orchid Designs Decorative Transfers

Learn how to apply Iron Orchid Designs Decorative Transfers with this informative how-to video and get all of your supplies online from The Treasure Home!! We’ve shared how-to videos over the last two weeks all featuring Iron Orchid Designs … ...Continue reading >>

Stamping Fabric Using Iron Orchid Designs

Stamping a pillowcase using Iron Orchid Designs is super easy once you get the hang of it. Watch for tips and tricks! #thetreasuredhome #ironorchiddesigns #IOD #stamping #iodstamps #ironorchiddesignsstamps

Stamping fabric using Iron Orchids Designs is so easy! Iron Orchid Designs offers Stamps, Moulds & Transfers that create the most beautiful projects! Have you tried Iron Orchid Designs yet??  If not, what are you waiting for!  This amazing … ...Continue reading >>

How To Create Iron Orchid Designs Clay Moulds

Learn how to create Iron Orchid Designs Clay Moulds! Iron Orchid Designs offers a number of embellishment products that can be used to dress up any project! Iron Orchid Designs is an amazing product line that offers transfers, moulds and stamping … ...Continue reading >>

Introduction To Iron Orchid Designs

All the basic information you need to know to get started using Iron Orchid Designs. #thetreasuredhome #ironorchiddesigns #ironorchiddesignsmoulds #ironorchiddesignstransfers #ironorchiddesignsstamps

Do you want to learn more about Iron Orchid Designs?  If so, these introduction tutorials will take you through all of the IOD basics! We are super excited to have Iron Orchid Designs products both online and in store at The Treasured Home.  Iron … ...Continue reading >>

Looking for a Part Time Job?

Hello friends!, I hope all is well in your world!   For the last year and a half, or so, we've had a little ray of sunshine, named Alexis, running the shop on Sunday afternoons. Soon, she'll be graduating from CSUS.  She'll be heading back to the … ...Continue reading >>

The 7 Steps of Painting Success

Learn the 7 step of painting success! Learn to paint furniture with this free ebook!

Learn The 7 Steps of Painting Success from Barbara with The Treasured Home. Get all the info you need to create the professional finish you want in 7 easy to follow steps!! Are you looking for one easy resource that gives you the steps you need to … ...Continue reading >>

Painting Resin Candlestick Using Fusion Mineral Paint

Painting resin candlesticks using Fusion Mineral Paint is a fun and easy way to update your outdated home decor! Learn how with this tutorial! As you may already know, Fusion Mineral Paint is our go-to furniture paint at The Treasured Home.  But, we … ...Continue reading >>