What’s Up at the Shop?

Greetings, dear lovelies!, We had our Meet & Greet, with my favorite tour guide, last week!  8 of the 12 spots, for this wonderful Vintage Shopping Tour have been filled!  If you're thinking about joining us, I'd encourage you to decide soon! Next week, after I get finished moving my French pieces into the shop, I'm going to focus on airline options.  I'll let you know what I find out.  I've seen all sorts of options for round-trip tickets, starting around $800. I am over-the-moon … ...Continue reading >>

This Week, at The Treasured Home!

She's back!   After a short summer break, naturalist Monica Biery, will return to the shop Wednesday, Sept. 13th and Saturday, Sept. 16th, at 11 a.m. Introduction to Essential Oils, is a one hour presentation, about the awesome healing powers, of … ...Continue reading >>

News from the Shop!

Arriving this week! Contrary to popular belief, it's not going to be 177 degrees, for the rest of the year!  "Yeah, sure!", you say.  Trust me! There will come a day, when you'll put on your boots, poncho and your lovely necklace, from your … ...Continue reading >>

Join us for a Vintage Shopping Trip, to Provence!

Make Plans Now!  Vintage French Shopping Trip! Tour dates: April 25-May 1, 2018 - Aix en Provence Hello again! Are you ready to do some exploring?  Our  wonderful guide, Jill Mitchell, of LeTrip.org, has scheduled another vintage shopping trip, … ...Continue reading >>

Hand Made Jewelry, from Spain, now Available Online!

Greetings!, It's Saturday evening, as I write this.  Mr. Wonderful is at the wheel and we're headed to Tahoe.  We're so thankful it's just 2-hours away! We'll have a turkey Caesar salad, for a late dinner, using a dressing that's yummy … ...Continue reading >>

More Tahoe Updates, Plus A Few Decorating Tips

Greetings, from the lake!  I hope your weekend has refueled you for a great week ahead! I am so excited, because the new addition remodel, starts on Tuesday!  I'm not sure if I'm more excited about having more space, or the prospect of taking an … ...Continue reading >>

The Tahoe Fixer, is Fixed!

Three years, one month and ten days of home renovations and Mr. Wonderful and I still love one another! This was how the house looked 3 years ago.  Not a lot has changed on the exterior, other than paint. The sliding glass door is new.  Two … ...Continue reading >>

Store-wide SALE, is extended through Saturday, July 29th!

Thanks to all of you, who were able to shop our Inventory Clearance Sale! I can't tell you how much all of us appreciate your patronage! It's huge, I tell you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Not to complain, but we still have oodles of furniture and the container from … ...Continue reading >>

Inventory Clearance & News About Your Winning Lottery Ticket!

That made ya look!? Huh? Winning lottery ticket and all, I mean! I have so many projects I want to take on and the nasty part is that they all seem to require money!  And of course since I don't play the lottery, the next alternative is a money … ...Continue reading >>

Monica’s most popular class is back! Medicine Cabinet Make-Over, this week!

Have you wanted to learn more about essential oils? Before meeting Monica, last year, I only appreciated the fragrance of essential oils.  I had no idea about what they were capable of, as health remidies! Monica Biery is a mother of 3, a business … ...Continue reading >>

Grace Girl Beads…Hand-Made Jewlery, Plus More News…

I love hand made! For so many reasons. There's always the pride of designing your piece of art, for others to love.  For the maker, there's a validation, when someone buys and wears something you've created. I feel the same way, when someone falls … ...Continue reading >>