Store-wide SALE, is extended through Saturday, July 29th!

Thanks to all of you, who were able to shop our Inventory Clearance Sale! I can't tell you how much all of us appreciate your patronage! It's huge, I tell you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Not to complain, but we still have oodles of furniture and the container from France arrives Thursday morning, (fingers crossed)! Since work on the new space, starts next week, I can't use that area for storage.  Well, you get the idea.  It's sort of a domino effect.  Large dominoes! So, you guessed it, the sale continues … ...Continue reading >>

Inventory Clearance & News About Your Winning Lottery Ticket!

That made ya look!? Huh? Winning lottery ticket and all, I mean! I have so many projects I want to take on and the nasty part is that they all seem to require money!  And of course since I don't play the lottery, the next alternative is a money … ...Continue reading >>

Monica’s most popular class is back! Medicine Cabinet Make-Over, this week!

Have you wanted to learn more about essential oils? Before meeting Monica, last year, I only appreciated the fragrance of essential oils.  I had no idea about what they were capable of, as health remidies! Monica Biery is a mother of 3, a business … ...Continue reading >>

Grace Girl Beads…Hand-Made Jewlery, Plus More News…

I love hand made! For so many reasons. There's always the pride of designing your piece of art, for others to love.  For the maker, there's a validation, when someone buys and wears something you've created. I feel the same way, when someone falls … ...Continue reading >>

Our Great Adventure, Part 2

Hello again! I thought I would share a few more photos and thoughts of our time in France. While we were gone just a week, the days were packed.  Right now, it stays light, later in southern France, than here at home.  Often we didn't sit down for … ...Continue reading >>

Our Great French Adventure!

Greetings, dear people! Jill and I have returned safely, from a week in France, I won't soon forget! This photo was taken in the gorgeous Luberon region.  The village at the top left corner of the photo, was built on a hilltop, as was done hundreds … ...Continue reading >>

Bonjour, Ma chere!

Do I speak French? No, but Siri helps me out from time to time!  Jill and I depart, on our long awaited, whirl-wind buying trip, to Aix en Provence. Besides having the chance to scout out one-of-kind treasures, at the amazing Isle sur … ...Continue reading >>

What a Week!

Diane, who has been with me, since nearly the beginning,, had a shower for her daughter recently and it featured a Mimosa Bar, complete with all the trimmings! Diane is the master entertainer/crafter/Pinterest star and volunteered to share her … ...Continue reading >>

Storewide Spring Sale, 20% Off of Everything!

Everything's On Sale! Yes! Everything is 20% OFF, storewide! Starting now!  (Yes, the graphic says the sale's this Saturday, but I decided to jump the gun and get the show on!) Everything?  Yes! Amy Howard One Step, General Finishes, Uno de 50 … ...Continue reading >>

More, from The Treasured Home

Hello, Princess! Jill and I enjoyed Liza and her friend, as they created their own, totally unique yard art, this evening.  I have more flower making kits, so stand by for more dates! Monica has shown me some new chemical-free tricks, I've … ...Continue reading >>

This Week at The Treasured Home…

Hello good people!, Well, we wished for sunshine and warm weather and lookey here! We got it!  Still, I'll still take hot and sunny, over grey and drippy! What are your Mother's Day plans?  Do your kids roll out the red carpet for you? Rub … ...Continue reading >>