Using Fusion Stain and Finishing Oil On Raw Wood

In this tutorial you will get a hands on look at how to apply Fusion Stain and Finishing Oil to raw wood furniture pieces! In today's tutorial, Barbara will show you how use Fusion Stain & Finishing oil to stain and seal raw wood.  This Stain & Finishing oil provides beautiful color and a super durable finish while accentuating the wood grain of a piece.  It really is the perfect solution for all of your raw wood projects! Since the Stain and Finishing Oil takes care of two steps … ...Continue reading >>

How To Use Stain & Finishing Oil Over Fusion Mineral Paint

Using Stain & Finishing Oil over Fusion Mineral Paint will give you a wonderful finish on painted furniture pieces!  Let Barbara demonstrate the entire process in this fun tutorial! In today's tutorial, Barbara takes you through the process of … ...Continue reading >>

Friday Night Happy Hour Waxing 101

This Waxing 101 tutorial is perfect for beginner furniture painters! Fusion Mineral Paint offers a number of options to protect and beautify your projects!  Let Barbara show you how..... Do you have questions about how to finish your beautiful … ...Continue reading >>

Take a Class this Weekend, at The Treasured Home!

Hello, sweetness! I hope your week is off to a great start!  If you joined us for our weekend sale, thank you for your stellar support!  We have the world's best customers! We have two classes, this weekend and I hope you can join me for at least … ...Continue reading >>

Friday Night Happy Hour Furniture Painting 101

Join Barbara with The Treasured Home for Friday night happy hour and a quick Furniture Painting 101 Class! This live tutorial will get you started painting with Fusion Mineral Paint in no time! Are you ready to jump into Furniture Painting 101?? … ...Continue reading >>

Semi-Annual Sale, this Saturday and Sunday!

Yes, it's finally upon us! Our semi-annual sale, is this Saturday, from 10:30-4:30 and Sunday, 11:30-4:30!  What's  on sale, you ask?  Lots!  If you saw the furniture in our garage, you'd understand!  Stay tuned for a live Facebook, Friday … ...Continue reading >>

Upcoming Workshops at The Treasured Home!

Sign up HERE while there's still room!        … ...Continue reading >>

This Week at The Treasured Home!

Bon jour! I hope your September has gotten off to a wonderful  start! Before I remind you about our French Tour 2019, Meet & Greet and share  upcoming events at the Shop, it's time for "true confessions"!   Last week, when I was wrapping up my … ...Continue reading >>

Fall Workshop Schedule is Now Online!

Greetings, friend! My web designer is ready to put me in detention, if I add anymore workshops to the schedule!  It's sort of like the Three Stooges in a fire drill, trying to get it all online and accurate. (Many of you don't know the Three … ...Continue reading >>

Vintage Shopping in Provence, May 2019

Bonjour! Have you ever dreamed of  touring the countryside and shopping the markets of Provence, with a fabulous guide, who knows the region, like the back of her hand? Well, dream no more! Join our next Vintage Shopping Tour, scheduled for May … ...Continue reading >>

Join us for a workshop, this week!

Painted Barstool Class, Thursday, August 16th, 1:30-3:30  Shhh...!  Can you hear it? One of these lovely, solid wood barstools are calling your name. Three are still available for you and a couple of friends. Perfect for a plant stand, or an extra … ...Continue reading >>