Bonjour from France!

Hello, Gorgeous!, Day 9, here in Aix en Provence!  Everything, except for the wi-fi has been wonderful, this trip!  I will share photos of our trip, when I return home! You can always follow the journey at For now, I want to remind you of two upcoming classes, at the shop, shortly after Jill and I return.  We'll hit the ground running!This lovely woman, Sally, will teach you how to water color! Yep, that's right!  Beautiful pictures, like the ones … ...Continue reading >>

New Arrivals, Just in Time for Mother’s Day!

Hello lovelies!, I hope you're doing wonderfully, today! I'm packing my bag, as I'll be heading for Aix en Provence, bright and early, Friday morning!  I can't believe a year has passed, since Jill and I visited Aix ("ex") for the first time! It … ...Continue reading >>

We need 3 more, for Friday night’s Paint & Sip Class!

...Continue reading >>

Saturday is Demo Day!

I my incredibly interesting blog post, the other day, I mentioned that we have a Paint Your Own Piece class this Saturday.  I was wrong! This Saturday is Demo Day!At 11:00 a.m., I'll show you how easy it is to update cabinets and furniture, with … ...Continue reading >>

Super Semi-Annual Clearance Sale, Extended through Sunday, April 7th!

Hello, dear! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! I slept almost 11 hours, after Saturday's sale. We celebrated Easter Day, going to mass and having a traditional Easter feast, of Mr. Wonderful's fab tacos! No, it's not the norm, but it was … ...Continue reading >>

Saturday Sale and New Arrivals!

What a week, dear friends!I spent four days with my daughter, helping her get settled in her new home.  I returned that afternoon, to a beautiful bouquet from her.  I just wish I could have stayed longer!I just knew I needed to prepare for … ...Continue reading >>

Some people buy shoes. I buy petrified wood!

Greetings, dear lovely!,As a paint shipment, from Fusion Mineral Paint was being unpacked last week, I thought to myself, I have friends, with beautiful shoes, and I have new paint!  And then, when the petrified wood arrived, I thought … ...Continue reading >>

Big News from the Treasured Home!

Hello, Gorgeous!Let's get right down to it!  See the beautiful piece of furniture, above?  It's one of 24 colors from Fusion Mineral Paint, that's arriving this coming week! (Tuesday) Check out: ( This is a … ...Continue reading >>

Appreciation Sale!

WE APPRECIATE YOU! Here's a little gift!   It's our way of saying thank you, for subscribing to our newsletter! PLEASE ENJOY 25 % OFF ANYTHING, IN OUR NEW BOUTIQUE! Jewelry, Clothing, Scarves & Totes Offer good, Saturday & Sunday, … ...Continue reading >>

New Classes at the Shop!

Hello sweetness!, If you had told me ten years ago, that I would be teaching crafty DIY classes one day, I would have laughed!Now, I get to spend time with lovely people, like Karen, above, trying something new.  As the class settles into … ...Continue reading >>

Last Call for “Paint & Sip” Night!

Greetings, gorgeous!I just never know, when I plan my class calendar, just what kind of response I'm going to get. I wish I had psychic capabilities!  That would be a great help!After quite a few sold out Paint & Sip nights, our class for … ...Continue reading >>