A Waxing Brush Makes a Difference

Hello my cherishables!,

If you’ve read “The Paris Wife”, you’ve heard the word “cherishables” before. I’m the last person on the universe to read the book, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I’m loving that word!

Now, on to more serious matters. Paint and wax brushes. Seriously.

Would you try to flip an egg with a salad tong? Or mop a floor with a window squeegee? Of course not! So, why, pray tell, would you wax a piece of furniture for your home, or to sell, with a disposable chip brush? Enquiring minds want to know!

Normally, I’m not a purist. I’m all about using the best thing I happen to have on hand. If someone wants to use their Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Wax, on our Maison Blanche Furniture Paint, I say “Live it up!” Not the case, with brushes. Trust me!

So, I went on a hunt for a good wax brush, like the ones I’ve been using. Finally, after quite a few grueling hours, letting my fingers do the walking, I found the source! Then, I priced it lower than any of the wax brushes I have found on-line. So, honor your craft and think about getting your hands on a real, live wax brush!

My wax brushes come in one and a half and two inch diameter, round brush heads, with the long, tapered wooden handles and sell for $21.95 and $29.95. Shipping in the U.S. is about $6, whether you order one brush or two. For more info, just go to my side bar, or on-line paint store. Of course, they’re at the shop, too! I’ve used my wax brushes for several years and with proper care, they’ll be life-long friends!

***Care for your natural bristle wax is simple. I use one brush for clear and amber waxes and one wax brush for light and dark brown waxes. You don’t want to use wax brushes, with different waxes (light vs. dark) without cleaning between each use. Use mineral spirits, to clean you wax brushes. Wipe excess mineral spirits off with a rag and stand it on its handle, to preserve the bristles.

Happy painting!


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  1. I agree and I need to order some paint from you some time….

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