Works In Progress


What a week! We've been busy and I want to share just a few projects we're working on. This bistro table used to be a cherry finish, that has been updated, using Amy Howard's Graphite One Step paint. One of my top favorites! The three pieces, including the stools, painted in Linen and recovered, in a grain sack style fabric, are now in the front of the shop, to greet visitors. I wish I had been thoughtful enough to photograph the before version! Have you ever seen a cobbler's rack? … ...Continue reading >>

Closet Clean Up


Getting Ready for Fall We returned home late last night from New York. The older I get, the longer it takes for me to recover from the coast to coast trip. I took it slow this morning and it felt wonderful! One of the cardinal rules of blogging is … ...Continue reading >>

Dining in Manhattan


One thing that Mr. Wonderful and I are really good at, is eating! Today was no exception. We had a really enjoyable lunch, in New York City's Meat Packing District, at The Standard Grill. It's on Washington Street and has indoor and outdoor … ...Continue reading >>

New at The Treasured Home


After a relaxing morning at home, I headed to the shop. I made a stop along the way, at a friend, who's been leasing antique shop space, but doesn't have the time to commit to the project. So, she's liquidating her treasures, and I scored a few … ...Continue reading >>

While I’m Gone


Many of you know that my daughter's at West Point. That's the Army's Military Academy in New York. This is a picture of us, from a couple of years ago. We were staying in Manhattan for a couple of days, before heading up to the campus to see … ...Continue reading >>

Catching Up


Whenever I take on a new project, I sometimes go a little hog wild! That certainly happened, when I opened The Treasured Home, almost two years ago! Don't get me wrong. I love the place. I'm at peace there. But, there's always a price to pay, … ...Continue reading >>

Updating a Brick Fireplace for Less Than $20!


Well, hello there! Today, I thought I would give you a peek inside the new Tahoe house! Remember, I told you about the curse of wallpaper, from the 80's? Well, here's a shot of the wallpaper, in the largest bedroom, upstairs. But, let's forget … ...Continue reading >>

Furniture Painting Basics, Featuring Amy Howard’s One Step


I've introduced a new "one-hour class", covering the basics of furniture painting, with chalk style paint. Tonight was the first class. Boy, did I underestimate the time required. One hour turned into two and a half! What was I thinking? Oh … ...Continue reading >>

Paint Therapy Thursdays!


Greetings, Paint Lovers!, If you've taken a furniture painting class, at The Treasured Home, but would like the support and camaraderie of painting in our studio, it's yours to enjoy, each Thursday, starting August 14th! Use our paint products and … ...Continue reading >>

Milk Painted Empire Dresser


Mable, is this week's milk paint "masterpiece". I use the term masterpiece lightly, because my milk paint projects are never perfect. Milk paint has its quirks. Heck, so do I! But I love it just the same. I thought "Mable" was a fitting name for … ...Continue reading >>

Our new lake-front restoration project!


Hello! Having grown up in Northern California, we spent summers at Lake Tahoe, thanks to our parents. In fact, since I could drive as a teenager, I would alternate weeks at home and at the cabin, with my dear younger sister and brother. I had … ...Continue reading >>